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"Israel is the only nation in the world that is governing itself in the same territory, under the same name, and with the same religion and same language as it did 3,000 years ago." - Historian Barbara Tuchman

"Israel is the only nation on the face of the earth that was created by a sovereign act of God" - Pastor John Hagee

"All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?" - Author / Atheist, Mark Twain (long before the Holocaust and Israeli-Jewish statehood)

"They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth. The Romans and their Empire were but a Bauble in comparison of the Jews. They have given religion to three quarters of the Globe and have influenced the affairs of Mankind more, and more happily, than any other Nation ancient or modern." - President John Adams - His 1808 response letter criticizing the depiction of Jews by the French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Response to the Latest UN Human Rights Council Draft Resolution Against Israel

Now that the nations of the world has shown its true antisemitic colors on November 05, 2009 by overwhelmingly endorsing the Goldstone Report by the vote 114-18 (44 nations abstaining) it would be a good time to point out the pro-Muslim / anti-Israel motive and goal that the UN has by analyzing the UNHRC draft.

The following draft resolution was published on the UN Human Rights Council Web site on Wednesday October 14, 2009:
My responses to specific draft statements are in bold italicized red

Section A

The Human Rights Council,
Recalling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,
That is unless we're talking about Jewish Israelis and non-Muslim Arabs within the borders of ancient Israel as this draft makes crystal clear.

Affirming the responsibility of the international community to promote human rights and ensure respect for international law,
Q. From what source or mindset is this "international law" based upon?

Q. Is Islamic shariah Law - that has never been condemned in any sense of the word by any UN body - compatible with "international law"?

Q. Is the "everlasting covenant" that is clearly spelled out throughout the Hebrew scriptures, less compatible with "UN international law" than Islamic shariah law?

Emphasizing the particularity of The Occupied East Jerusalem in its rich religious and cultural heritage,
Q.Why the "particularity of Jerusalem"? Is it because (spiritually speaking) it connects with the everlasting covenant mentioned all through the Hebrew scriptures?

Q. Who was "occupying" the east-side portion of Jerusalem during the Israelite Kingdom? And if the Romans were indeed "occupiers" - including the east portion of Jerusalem - during the time of Jesus, what people were they "occupying" the land of Jesus from? The Palestinians?

Q. What was the "rich religious and culture heritage" of the east portion of Jerusalem between 1948 to 1967? Could Jews pray at their Western Jewish-Temple Wall during that time? Were Israeli Jewish citizens being sniped and murdered during this "rich religious cultural heritage" time?

Q. Why does the UN wish to go back only 42 modern years concerning the east portion of Jerusalem's so-called "rich religious and cultural heritage"? Why not go back 3,000 years are so to really "emphasize EAST JERUSALEM in its rich religious cultural heritage"?

Recalling all relevant United Nations resolutions including Security Council resolutions on Occupied East Jerusalem,
Q. Why wouldn't there be a "recall to all relevant UN resolutions including Security Council resolutions" against Palestinian terror in "Attacked West Jerusalem"? Oh that's right, the reason being: there are No Historical "UN Resolutions Against Palestinian Muslim Terror" since the establishment of the State of Israel >

Deeply concerned at the Israeli actions undermining the sanctity and inviolability of religious sites in the Occupied Palestinian Territory including East Jerusalem,
This here is an empty blank space between the arrows > _________________________<. Now within this empty blank space, is it possible for an UNHRC official to fill in just one (again, just one single one) so-called Islamic holy site that has been sanctity undermined or that has caused to be unsecured. Any Muslim reader or otherwise, feel free to post the answer. Now then, let's talk about Joesph's tomb, Jewish-Israeli-Judaism third holiest site > .
Let's talk about "57 ancient synagogues" being religiously destroyed between 1948-1967 - THAT NEVER AT ANY TIME (THAT IS NOT ONE SINGLE TIME) HAS BEEN EVEN MENTIONED BY THE UN!
Along with the 38,000 Jewish tombstones that were desecrated (many for the purpose of latrines) that were buried in the UN Declared "OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM"!
Let's talk about every synagogue left standing as Israel departed Gaza - which shows to the UNHRC the very nature of Palestinians when it comes to "undermining the sanctity and inviolability of "Jewish" religious sites" >,7340,L-3140767,00.html#n

Fact: When Israel took over the Jewish Temple Mount while defending against a Muslim declared goal of Jewish annihilation > Israel reluctantly made a bad choice of secular-good will towards peace, and gave the Jewish Temple Mount to the Muslim Waqf who claim it as Islam's third holiest site. Even after 42 years it still remains in the hands of the Muslim Waqf authorities. Israeli Jews has never (again, never) desecrated a Muslim holy site (as I biblically believe they should, based upon II Chronicles 34:1-7) nor has the Israelis ever desecrated a Muslim burial site! How dare any UN Daft Resolution state that they are "deeply concerned at the Israeli actions undermining the sanctity and inviolability of religious sites in the Occupied Palestinian Territory including East Jerusalem"! How double dare they?

Deeply concerned also at the Israeli policy of closure and severe restrictions, including the permit regime, that continue to be imposed on the movement of Palestinians hindering their free access to their Christian and Muslim holy sites, including Al Aqsa Mosque,
Q. Why is the UNHRC "deeply concerned" of Israeli closures and restrictions and not in the lest bit concerned -much less "deeply concerned" - over what "causes" Israel to enforce closures and restrictions? Isn't the continence of religious suicide mass-murder upon civilian population centers something an organization like the UNHRC should be "much more" deeply concerned over, than closures and restrictions that has never caused one single death? Perhaps they would be if the mass-murdered victims from those population centers wasn't so Jewish and Israeli?

Q. Palestinians are hindered from the Al Aqsa Mosque? The absolute nerve and audacity of the spiritually damned UNHRC!

FACT: Jews and non-Muslims have access unto the Jewish Temple Mount (where the Al Aqsa Mosque is located) just 2 hours in the morning and only 1 hour in the afternoon, while Muslims have access to the mount 24/7. SO WHO'S BEING RELIGIOUSLY RESTRICTED UNHRC?

FACT: Muslims pray according to Islamic tradition five times per day while upon the Jewish Temple Mount, while no Jew or non-Muslim cannot even display a Bible or prayerbook, mush less actually conduct a simple one-time prayer without being forcibly taken off the mount and arrested for "instigation" and "incitement" . NOW, WHO AGAIN, IS BEING RELIGIOUSLY RESTRICTED UNHRC?

FACT: Since the Jews fought their way (during a Jewish-annihilation sought war) to pray at the Western Jewish-Temple Wall in 1967, thousands upon thousands of huge death-causing rocks have been hurled from the directly above from the Al Aqsa Mosque platform, down upon Jewish worshipers, praying at the Wall. The Jews never have shown a problem with a Arab bowing down five time a day to Mecca while at their holiest site in Judaism, however, the Arab so-called Palestinians, will begin their by-nature "intifada" if a Jew prays anywhere close to their holiest site - The Jewish Temple Mount. AGAIN, WHO IS BEING RESTRICTED UNHRC?

The access to Joseph's tomb (Judism's third holiest site - much like the Al Aqsa Mosque itself is Islam's third holiest site) is very difficult for Jews to visit. Not only has it been desecrated many times over, but Jews have to be escorted with heavily armed military personnel for short period's of prayer time. AGAIN, WHO'S BEING RESTRICTED UNHRC? Is there any non-Israeli-hating reason why the UNHRC has never addressed the religious oppression the Jews have been facing for decades concerning their religious sites being attacked resulting in innocent deaths / religious murder?

1.Strongly condemns all policies and measures taken by Israel, the occupying power, including those limiting access of Palestinians to their properties and holy sites particularly in Occupied East Jerusalem, on the basis of national origin, religion, sex, age or any other discriminatory ground, which are in grave violation of the Palestinian People's civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights;
FACT: There has never-ever been an country, state, or empire called "Palestine" to be occupied in the place of fictitious Palestine. Therefore, Israeli Jews can not illegally "occupy" their heritage of ancestral land, most especially East Jerusalem D.C. (David's Capital)!
The UNHRC strongly condemns Israel, but the Bible, and the God of the Bible, strongly condemns the UNHRC (Joel 3:2) - and guess which one wins in the end?

FACT: Every Palestinian Terrorist act including suicide mass-murder, has been based upon the national origin and religion of the Jew. Every Jewish holy site desecration (including synagogue burnings) has been based upon the national origin and religion of the Jew. When huge rocks are being thrown down upon worshipers at the Western Jewish Temple Wall, it is based upon the national origin and religion of the Jew. All Jews had to depart from Gaza in August, 2005 based upon their national origin and Jewish religion. All of these facts are in grave violation of the Israeli People's civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. So where are UNHRC drafts condemning these human-religious rights violations? Where are they UNHRC?

2.Condemns further the recent Israeli violations of human rights in Occupied East Jerusalem, particularly the confiscation of lands and properties, the demolishing of houses and private properties, the construction and expansion of settlements, the continuous construction of the separation Wall, changing the demographic and geographic character of East Jerusalem, the restrictions on the freedom of movement of the Palestinian citizens of East Jerusalem, as well as the continuous digging and excavation works in and around Al-Aqsa mosque and its vicinity;
Concerning the Biblical Land of Israel deemed "Occupied East Jerusalem" by the UN:
Laying the aside the ancestral heritage of whom all the land belongs spelled out throughout the very large 2,600 year old document called: The Bible, perhaps the UNHRC should specifically address the hundreds of acres of East Jerusalem D.C. (David's Capital) land confiscated by the Arabs / Palestinians. Kalandiya, Kfar, and Shoafat, were purchased by the Jewish organization "Jewish National Fund" during the early 1900s and was later placed under management of the "Israel Land Authority around the time of the Six Day War. Why doesn't the UNHRC address the several Arab apartment complexes that were illegally built on these Jewish owned East Jerusalem D.C. lands?

Concerning the Arab House Destruction:
Q. Has there been a single Arab / Palestinian home destroyed that wasn't directly involved in supporting terrorism against Israel? That's a simple question.
FACT: Whether it's used as a meeting spot for terrorists, an aiding and abetting of friends and relatives of terrorists, or used as a weapon storage place for terrorist, the Israelis has a legitimate right to tear it down just as police departments confiscate drug money and drug property in this country. Any one who thinks differently, does so because their heart motives lay with the goal of the Palestinian terrorism against the Jewish nation of Israel.

Concerning so-called "Settlement Expansion":
This is how antisemitic and racist-natured the UNHRC really is; they don't want a Jew to dare construct or even expand his /her home in their ancestral homeland totally based upon his /her Jewishness! According to the UNHRC draft, the UNHRC is not in the lest bit concerned over Palestinian expansion in Israel-proper. Why, its even expected of Israel to allow several hundred thousand Palestinian descendants into Israel proper (not within a Palestinian state) under the purposed so-called Palestinian Law of Return. The UNHRC's only concern is when a Jew - based upon his/her Jewish race and Judaism religion - has the audacity to live, build, and expand, within the borders of the ancestral Jewish biblical land.

Concerning the Security Fence - UN dubbed "Separation Wall":
The term "separation wall" is a politically-motivated tern meant to paint Israel in an apartheid light - basically another blood-libel. As with the whole concept of the entire UNHRC draft, the UN doesn't want Israel to defend itself. The UN, and every soul (be it nation or individual) that supports the UN, wants every Palestinian in Gaza the ability to Kassam rocket-fire at will with no repercussions, and for there to be no obstacles in the way of Palestinian suicide martyrs within the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) to mass-murder Jews in Israel-proper.
The Israeli security fence is indeed a separation wall - just not in the way the UN would have the world to believe. It "separates" would-be Palestinians religious-suicide mass-murderers from their would-be Jewish victims!

3.Demands Israel, the occupying power, to respect the religious and cultural rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory as provided for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the core International Human Rights instruments, the Hague Conventions, and the Geneva Conventions, and to allow Palestinian citizens and worshippers unhindered access to their properties and religious sites therein;
This UNHRC political demand is based upon the world spiritual motive. The Gentile world nations wants modern forms of Gentile gods such as "El" (modern Allah) to be worshipped within the land of The Everlasting Covenant (see Psalms 105:9-10) in defiance of the covenant. Also, in correlation with their "separation wall" they want the modern-day worshippers of Molech (again, modern-day Allah) to have "free and clear religious access" to "culturally" offer their sons an daughters via suicide-belt fire (see Leviticus 18:21).

4.Demands also Israel, the occupying power to immediately cease all digging and excavation works and activities beneath and around Al Aqsa Mosque and its vicinity, and refrain from any acts or operations that may endanger the structure or foundations or change the nature of holy sites both Christian and Islamic in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem;
The core root of this UNHRC demand is also spiritual. When the world nations wants the most evil people (see my blog: Palestinian Resume'> of the world occupying the most holiest place in the world, where the God of Israel shall dwell (see Zechariah 8:3 and Ezekiel 37:27-28) something political must be done to prevent an any and all overwhelming and undeniable proof that the Jews (worshippers of Judaism) have the spiritual distinctive rights to such a holy place! Allah (Gentile god) forbid that the Jews find the "Ark of the Covenant" that will cause a Jewish spiritual awakening to the everlasting covenant that the God of Israel has with the world despised Jews!

5.Requests the High Commissioner for Human Rights, pursuant to resolution S-9/L.1 and in the context of her periodic reports, to monitor, document and report on the state of implementation by Israel, the occupying power, of its Human Rights obligations in and around East Jerusalem;
This makes the eighth time that "East Jerusalem" is named in the draft - and we're only a third way through the draft! This fact, shows the TRUE nature behind the UNHRC's problem of the Israeli campaign in Gaza that is nowhere near their so-called "Occupied East Jerusalem". This draft has nothing to do with Palestinian human rights. It's totally about the Palestinian Cause and agenda in their phase-planning for the destruction of the State of Israel. The UN via the UNHRC, wants to give the Palestinians (and surrounding Arab nations) another shot at a 1967 war of Jewish annihilation.

Section B

The Human Rights Council,
Guided by the principles and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
Did you catch that united-in-power wording? The "principles and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" have publicly set the stage for the world movement to do spiritual battle with the "principles and objectives of the Charter of the Holy Jewish Scriptures and the Universal Declaration (Everlasting Covenant) of the God of Israel". What's the center-prize to whomever wins this spiritual battle? The winner gets to keep the Jewish Temple Mount as an eternal-dwelling displaying their eternal principles! I'm betting (for the lack of a better expression) that the God of Israel takes the victory!

Considering that the promotion of respect for the obligations arising from the Charter and other instruments and rules of international law is among the basic purposes and principles of the United Nations,
The Gentile nations have their international law that is the basic purpose and principles of the United Nations (as we have seen so far is directly antisemitic in nature) while the nation of Israel has the Law of Moses that is the basic purpose and principle of the God of Israel - that will soon replace the UN's international law (see Isaiah 3:2 / Micah 4:2).

Reaffirming the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the inadmissibility of the acquisition of land by the use of force, as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations,
FACT: The Palestinians are a UN created people (no historical people ever existed) with a UN created "self-determination".
It is amazing how the UN, as do the so-called Palestinians, can victimize the guilty and vilify the innocent (see my blog:"
Victim /Villain Role Switch">

They paint the Israelis as ones who acquire land by the use of force, while "the acquisition of Jewish land by the use of force" is quit evident and clear in both the PA and Hamas' charters! Perhaps, the UN doesn't consider the 8, 000 plus Kassam rockets sent into Israel-proper population centers, along with the many suicide missions are not "uses of force" while Israel defending against such "forces" are?

FACT: Every "Intifada" carries with it the PLO-1964 goal (pre-Israeli recovering of Gaza and Judea and Samaria) of destroying the entire Jewish sovereign land and state.

Acknowledging that peace, security, development and human rights are the pillars of the United Nations system,
That is, to all non-Jewish / non-Judaism peoples and governments.

FACT: The UN has never taken up an issue on behalf of Israeli peace, security, and development of Jewish human rights! In fact, out of all the almost 200 UN members states, Israel is the only one (again, the ONLY ONE) that has been banned from serving on the UN Security Council. How about that for UN peace, "security" and development of human rights?

Affirming the applicability of international human rights law and the international humanitarian law, namely the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, to the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem,
Protection of Civilian Persons during the time of War??? There have been 8,000 plus rockets shot into Jewish population centers in Sderot, Ashkelon, and other Western Negev villages in Israel, and Hezbollah, in 2006 had fired almost 4,000 more into northern Israel with the aim and goal of striking non-military population centers! The U-damned-N who didn't whisper a peep of concern over these rockets now has the audacity to accuse Israel of not caring for the "protection of Palestinian civilians".

FACT: Israel is guilty of going way too far "during the time of war" of "protecting Palestinian civilians". They has done absolute absurd things during the Gaza Campaign, such as sending out two million fliers, making cell phone calls, and recalling, sending text messages, and load speaker announcements, of when and where they were are soon to strike. No army anywhere or at any time in history has went to that much extremes, to protect their annihilation-seeking enemy! Never! I personally, am ashamed of Israel for not getting back to the basics of the Holy Bible and Holy Scriptures when dealing with their enemy, and cutting their whole terrorist-cultured population (from where terrorism is directly bread) asunder!

Expressing serious concern at the lack of implementation by the occupying Power, Israel, of previously adopted resolutions and recommendations of the Council relating to the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem,
Notice no previously adopted resolutions and recommendations of the Council could be referred to concerning Palestinian terror - because none had ever been previously made by the Council! Again, here is a blank >________________<. If the Palestinians ever fulfill resolution or a recommendation in the name of peace with Israel, I'll personally come back to this blog and write it in. I feel confident it won't happen!

FACT: The Oslo Accords called for Palestinians to stop terrorism. Since the Oslo Accords, there has an intifada (as there was one before Oslo) with numbers of mass-murder suicides, shooting sprees, and kidnappings, with hundreds more being thwarted by Israeli security.

BOTTOM LINE: The UN has had their Oslo-like recommendations and resolutions and the Hamas Palestinians has had their 8,000 Kassam rockets that they sent into Israel population centers.

The Oslo Accords called for Palestinians to change their charter to cease their "arms struggle" and recognize the State of Israel within their charter. This "Joke of Jokes" of course never, nor will it ever, happen.

The Oslo Accords called for Palestinians to change their school textbooks that insights "jihad" against Israel, and for them to teach tolerance towards Israel. This "joke" also will never happen. Both PA and Hamas textbooks still glorifies jihad against Israel, and Farfour, the Hamas version of Micky Mouse was taken off the air because of world attention by being beaten to dearth by "Israeli child-killing terrorist" >
but then was replaced later by another Jew-hating figure.

With such insanity of teaching children suicide-glorification and honor-murders among their own family members, the Palestinian society are the biggest human rights violators of all world societies, yet it is the Israelis of whom the UNHRC goes after with their human-rights "
resolutions and recommendations". Absolutely amazing!
This section of the draft above makes now the "tenth time" that "East Jerusalem" has been specifically mentioned by the UNHRC draft, as a result of the Gaza Campaign Goldstone investigation.

Recalling its resolution A/HRC/S-9/L.1 of 12 January 2009, in which the Council decided to dispatch an urgent, independent international fact-finding mission, and its call upon the occupying power, Israel, not to obstruct the process of investigation and to fully cooperate with the mission,
FACT: Israel is the "RECOVERING POWER" of its own ancestral homeland, and not the politically charged "occupying power".

FACT: No UNHRC or any other agency has "ever" decided to dispatch an urgent, independent international fact-finding mission during Palestinian Intifadas, and 8,000 rocket firing upon Israeli population centers!

1.Condemns the non-cooperation by the occupying power, Israel, with the independent international fact-finding mission;
It's sad that Israel refuses to cooperate with a world power they know is trying to see them destroyed - so sad.
2.Welcomes the report of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission (A/HRC/12/48);
That is a Independent International "anti-Israel / pro-Palestinian" Fact-Finding Mission.
3.Endorses the recommendations contained in the report of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission, and calls upon all concerned parties including United Nations bodies, to ensure their implementation in accordance with their respective mandates;
The UN body did endorse the "recommendations" and to much world amazement, every single Muslim nation voted for it - go figure!
4.Recommends the General Assembly to consider the report of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission, during the main part of its 64th session;

5.Requests the United Nations Secretary General to submit to the 13th Human Rights Council's session, a report, on the status of implementation of paragraph 3.above;

Section C

The Human Rights Council,
Emphasizing that international human rights law and international humanitarian law are complementary and mutually reinforcing,

Recalling the obligations of the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, and reaffirming that each High Contracting Party to the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War is under the obligation to respect and ensure the respect for the obligations arising from that Convention,

Stressing that the right to life constitutes the most fundamental of all human rights,
Perhaps the UNHRC should "stress" that issue to the society who clearly and openly state they "love death"? >
No, seriously, watch the video and then read again the UN draft statement above.
This technique enlightens the soul as to the UN motive towards Israel.

Recognizing that the Israeli siege imposed on the occupied Gaza Strip, including its closure of border crossings and the cutting of the supply of fuel, food and medicine, constitutes collective punishment of Palestinian civilians and leads to disastrous humanitarian and environmental consequences,
Again, the UNHRC deliberately avoids to mention and address "THE CORE CAUSE" as to why such things as border closing, cutting off fuel, and supplies (medical and food supplies that treats and feeds rocket-firers and rocket-firer supporters are unfortunately allowed in by the spiritually weak and ignorant Israel). If the true goal was indeed to help the Palestinian people from "disastrous humanitarian and environmental consequences" then the correct and ONLY method would be to come down hard on the perpetrators that causes the justifiable reaction and response of the Israelis. The truth is the UNHRC doesn't want the terrorism and arms struggle against Israel to cease, they just want to condemn Israel - in helping the Palestinians in their arms struggle - for defending themselves!
1.Welcomes the first periodic report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the implementation of the Human Rights Council resolution S-9/1(A/HRC/12/37);

2.Endorses the recommendations contained in the first periodic report of the High Commissioner, and calls upon all concerned parties including United Nations bodies to ensure their implementation in accordance with their respective mandates;

3.Requests the High Commissioner for Human Rights to submit to the 13th Human Rights Council's session, a report on the status of implementation of this resolution;

4.Decides to follow up on the implementation of section A, section B and section C of the present resolution at its 13th session.

One must wonder why there are absolutely no condemnations or laying out of requirements addressing the people holding the record of producing more terrorism than any single people on earth - the Palestinians, while fully condemning the most peaceful people (who are willing to give up part of their ancient homeland that no people on earth has ever done, for the sake of peace) the Israelis? It is clear to see, that the UN / UNHRC is a world extension of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The world has become literally fill with Hamas / violence (Gen.6:13) > It is not just the Palestinians who are in a jihad battle with the Israelis, but the UN through the Palestinians, are in a world-jihad battle against the Israelis.

Notice the time in which the UNHRC draft and UN endorsement occurs:
1. Iranian's president Ahmadinejad, is ever so close to obtaining nuclear warhead missile weapons, while making declaration of wiping Israel off the map!
2. Just two days before the UN endorsement of the UNHRC resolution, The Israeli Navy apprehended a ship in the Mediterranean, carrying "hundreds of tons" of rockets, missiles and ammunition meant for delivery to Hizbullah. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to the UN endorsement correctly by stating the following:
"This is a war crime. This is a war crime that the United Nations General Assembly, which is gathering today to discuss the Goldstone Report, should have investigated and condemned."
"The international community should be focusing on this. But instead, the world condemns Israel and the Israel Defense Forces and undermines our right to self defense."
"The bulk of the shipment included rockets whose aim is to hurt our civilians and kill as many (Israeli) civilians as possible"
3. A third PA endorsed (not Hamas) intifada is currently brewing>

All of this is directed and related towards the destruction of Israel, yet the UNHRC and the UN body decides they want to contribute to the cause (Palestinian Cause) in condemning Israel.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold debated Judge Richard Goldstone on November 05, 2009 over his GoldStone Report. The debate was hosted by Brandeis University. Dore Gold did a great job in shutting the mouth of the spiritual memzar, Richard Goldstone. Here is some of his statement points:

1. "What would you do if your population was facing repeated attacks for eight years?” "attack the enemy indiscriminately, despite civilian casualties - citing actions by the Russian government against terrorists in Chechnya as an example -- give up and allow Hamas to kill civilians, or – as Israel did – attempt to separate Arab civilians from Hamas terrorists by sending multiple warnings, calling off attacks due to the presence of civilians, and more."
2. Why doesn't Hamas appear as a responsible party for what happened? Hamas is not criticized for the policy that led to the disaster on the Palestinians,” he declared. Instead, Hamas terrorists were referred to as members of “Palestinian armed groups" and the connection between Hamas “policemen” -- many of whom have been found to be members of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations -- and terrorism was ignored.
3. "There was no question that Gaza had faced considerable damage. The real question is who bears responsibility for that damage." "The report does not mention who booby-trapped the buildings in Gaza, who dug the tunnels under the civilian houses". "This war never would have happened if rockets had not been fired at Israel."
4. "Remember, Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, and never wanted to go back there".
5. "One of our central disagreements is how to relate to the Hamas regime,” "Do you treat Hamas as the legitimate authority in Gaza, or do you treat it as a terrorist organization? “I don't think you deal with this adequately when you refer to 'armed groups'.

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