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Monday, October 19, 2009

Modern Gentile Blood Libel Becomes Global Strategy Against the Covenant

I won't spend a lot of time going through the UN method of operation in their latest attempt to destroy Israel, the articles posted in the heading of this blog site delivers that information.
What is interesting is the deep one-sided hypocrisy that is involved in the UN's procedures.

It is evident that the medieval blood libels against the Jews was indeed believed simply because of their oppressors had a motive of the heart to condemn the Jews. The fact is Satan takes the man but not his spirit. The spirit of the blood libels against the Jewish people doesn't go way with the death of generations of men but continues until Israel becomes glorified before all nations (Isaiah 52:15 / Ezekiel 37:26-28). The UN suggestion that Israel murders Palestinians (dobbed Human Rights Violations) simply for the sake of murdering them is very reminiscent of the medieval claim that the Jews murdered Christian youths for their blood in order to make matza bread.

Because this blood libel has become a world-wide accusation against the Jews, it will bring forth the antisemitic devils lying dormant within the souls of perhaps billions. Blood libel antisemitism spread all over Europe like a spiritual plague simply because of this spiritual fact: Whatever one is willing to believe about another is the way that person really feels about that person. Therefore, however the Gentile world really feels about the Jews in the way of the heart will determine their perception about the Jews concerning this latest UN world proclaimed blood libel. My prediction is that such a world-wide blood libel will cause the spirit of antisemitism to flourish at alarming rates. It was just this month (Oct. 2009) that a Hungarian "Member of Parliament" of all things, Oszkar Molnar, claimed that Jews in Jerusalem were planing to take over Hungry and the rest of the world!

Let's begin by asking questions that penetrate to the spiritual conscience level and reveal the motive of the UN's motive of the heart.
Q. Since Israel and Hamas was both named in the Goldstone Report that the UNHRC adopted, would there ever have been a UN Investigation Commission investigating only Hamas if Israel hadn't when into Gaza to stop the rocket firing on it's Jewish cities?
Would the Kassum rockets still be flying into Israel this very day with not even a peep of a "criminal investigation" coming out of the so-called UN Human Rights Council if Israel hadn't enter Gaza?
Is it because Israel, (that Jewish state) is involved thereby becoming the ONLY reason for the UNHRC to conduct their so-called human rights violations against only Israel?

Q. Why after eights of UNHRC silence of seeing eight years of Kassum and Katyusha rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel at the tune of 8,000 (count them: 8,000) rockets, that it's right after an Israeli campaign to stop such war crime attacks upon its innocent men, women, seniors, children, and infants, that the UNHRC now sees it appropriate to do an investigation?

Q. What are the "spiritual applications" that were at work causing Richard Goldstone himself to lash out against the UNHRC wording of their resolution that left out his naming of Hamas as committing war crimes.>
Is there some sort of anti-Israel bias at work here revealing the whole and complete intent of the UN investigation commission?

Q. Wasn't it the UNHRC that publicly displayed an open "moment of silence" for Gaza-Hamas terrorist during a so-called "UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People" in which a huge map of the land of Israel (not just Gaza or the so-called West Bank) was displayed between a UN flag and a Palestinian flag, with no "mention of Israel" - only Palestine - named on the map? >
I wonder why there has never been a "moment of silence" of the innocent Israeli Jews murdered by Palestinian terrorism?
And why hasn't there been a "UN International Day of Solidarity with the Jewish people"?
Surely these facts are in no possible way relevant to the Goldstone Report - are they?

Q. Why are the Palestinians / Hamas, who are named in the Goldstone Report, so eager to see the acceptance of this UN resolution by the world community? Is it because they know that the real reality and intent of the Goldstone Report was to name-blame Israel (naming Hamas as well in order to lessen the obvious) and that the UNHRC resolution coming from the Goldstone Report will be in no way shape or form directed at them, and only for the purpose of condemning Israel on their Palestinian behalf? >

Q. Why hasn't the UNHRC addressed the WAR CRIME and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION of kidnapping and three-year imprisonment of Gilad Schalit? If Israel, kidnapped a Palestinian, and held him for three years, there would no doubt be three years of UNHRC investigations into Israel's actions! So why is the human rights violation case of Gilad Schalit never even mentioned by any of the UN agencies, most especially the so-called UN Human Rights Council? Unless, of course, the UN sees Jews (especially Israeli Jews) as the Nazis did, as "untermensch" thereby eliminating Jews from the applicability of human rights in general?

Q. Why does the UN always (and I do mean "always') address the "effects" of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict but never (and I do mean "never") who "starts" the conflict? I don't like to see dead children myself (in the case of the Palestinians, exploited dead children of whom most were human shields playing on the moral intentions of the Israelis) but I'm spiritually aware that the perpetrators and aggressors of this conflict are the ones responsible for the deaths of all civilians, including children, on both sides of the conflict!
When one looks at the Hamas Covenant (which includes a UN violation of officially calling for the destruction of a UN sovereign nation) verses the Israeli Declaration of Establishment, it isn't hard to figure out who the aggressor - by nature, is. So again, Why does the UN always concentrate on the one-sided anti-Israel "effects of war" of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, but never "the aggressor" in literally every historical incident of the conflict?
Hamas' Covenant >
Israel Declaration of Establishment >

Q. Is the Palestinian society that glorifies Islamic jihad in their every facet of culture and life (including official Hamas and Fatah children television shows) and who calls suicide and mass-murder of Israeli Jews, "martyrdom" a trustworthy society capable of telling the truth to the UN who themselves likewise is historically vehemently against the State of Israel? Talk about a no-brainer. However, if there is any question at all in the mind of the reader that there might be a possibility that at lest one Palestinian person in all of Gaza that might be telling the truth concerning Israelis, then please watch these Palestinian-nature videos >

The UNHRC has an agenda and it isn't human rights, most especially when it comes to "Jewish" human rights living within their ancient and biblical homeland. Rather, the UN's goal is based and set upon spiritual antisemitisim causing a political onslaught against Israel. The fact is the UNHRC is of the same spiritual make-up of the Quartet with it's Roadmap objectives.
When one looks at all of what's included in the UNHRC draft resolution, the political agenda that motivated the Goldstone Report becomes very clear. The Goldstone Report is not based upon existing evidence of Palestinian claims, rather, it's about Palestinian claims that the Quartet uses for their antisemitic and blood-libeling condemnation of Israel for having the Jewish audacity in defending itself against Palestinian-Gentile rocket attaches upon their civilians!
It is obvious as to why the UNHRC Resolution addresses several times what it calls "Occupied East Jerusalem" (as if Jerusalem is a naturally divided city) which has not one thing to do with the Israeli "Operation Cast Lead" Gaza campaign in December 2008 - January 2009. There was no Israeli military operation going on in or around Jerusalem during the time of the Gaza campaign for the Palestinians to whine about. Therefore, why has the UNHRC taken up the political issues that doesn't pertain to their so-called "human rights" Palestinian claims against Israeli military operations in Gaza?
Other topics within the UNHRC Resolution includes:
  • Al Aqsa Mosque (i.e. the Muslim mosque that sits beside the Dome of the Rock shrine desecrating the Jewish Temple Mount)
  • Demolishing Houses (i.e. houses that actively supported Palestinian suicide mass-murderers of Jewish civilians)
  • Construction and Expansion of Settlements (i.e. "Jewish" settlements only. Muslim / Arab settlements within green-line Israel proper are not considered valid protests by the UN)
  • Separation Wall (i.e. Israel's security fence that separates terrorist mass-murderers form their victims)
  • Digging Excavation Works in and around the Al-Aqsa Mosque (i.e. archeology surveys that reveals ancient Jewish history that's thousands of years older than Islam itself, thereby giving the Jewish Israelis a far greater claim than the UN-backed Palestinians)
I will address the entire UNHRC Resolution draft in my next blog.
It is interesting how the most modern Gentile world power - the UN, deals with the most historically persecuted people - the Jews. UN Watch reporter Hillel Neuer best puts into perspective by the following statement:
"The grossly imbalanced resolution grants Hamas terrorists the political victory they desperately crave. Council members like Pakistan, China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia have won again with their strategy of focusing on Israel in order to hide the world's real abuses, especially their own. With this being the council's 6th special session on Israel -- versus only 4 for the whole world combined -- it's tragic that once again politics is trumping human rights."
This latest anti-Israel push by the UN is a little different than your past run-of-the-mill UN resolutions against Israel. The UN is licking their chops due to the "Hussein" that is occupying the White House. It is this same Hussein that attended the planning stages of the UN Durban II Israel-bashing conference that literally shocked America's western allies. The UN sees not only a Hussein in the White House, but a Hussien who is Jimmy (Hamas) Carter 's protege that just so happens to have Palestinian and terrorist friends such as Rashid Khalidi and William Ayers, and who sat for several years under the preaching of Hamas supporter and activist Jeremiah (G.d. America) Wright. They know that it's just a matter of time before USA will stop vetoing UN anti-Israel bills in the five-member UN Security Council that will then pave the way for Israel to face UN world sanctions for defending themselves.
I predict that it will be just a matter of months before the Hussein Administration will start casting their future UN resolution votes against Israel and for the world support of Hamas, which will further the case to G0d for Israel's deliverance in the Messianic Age.
There is a bottom-line to this latest UN / Quartet condemnation of the Jewish State of Israel. The UN world power spiritually and politically refuses to condemn Hamas
or any other Palestinian organization for its offensive-aggression using rocket attacks on innocent Jewish civilians including men, women, seniors, children, and infants. The UN / Quartet uses its world political power to give full support to the Palestinian Islamic jihad terror machine that includes embracing Palestinian antisemitic blood libel war crime claims for its own anti-Israel benefit. Israel, on the other hand, is guilty of first being a nation, and secondly, for defending itself and of bending over backwards to avoid military collateral damage while doing so.
Briton's Former Colonel Richard Kemp who serve as a member of the British Government's Joint Intelligence Committee, and was an adviser to Tony Blair and the US government testified on the Goldstone Report at the UN's Human Rights Council Emergency Session on October 16, 2009. In closing he wrapped up his closing statement by repeating his opening statement of which he stated:
"The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare"
View his entire statement >
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