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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Victory Mosque, The Burning of the Quran, and The Imam

The Ground Zero Mosque secretly dedicated to the "Magnificent 19" will be just another manifestation of American appeasement to global jihad under the US watch of the Hussein Administration. The White House mosque appeasement comes under the New World Order effort to have a united world government religion confederation that includes Islam. As demonstrated, the White House is much more concerned about a pastor in Gainesville, Florida organizing a "Burn the Koran" day on the anniversary date of 9/11 than having a memorial shrine dedicated to Allah built upon the 2,977 perished souls forcibly sacrificed to that deity.

I personally wouldn't waste my personal time nor the matches burning a Quran. I had rather expose it for what it states and the sharia law it has produced. I do think that the amount of energy that it takes for anyone to condemn the act of Koran-burning for the sake of offending a Muslim should also be used in condemning the Koran statements depicting Jews as pigs, monkeys, and donkeys? (see Quran 2:65 / 8:60 / 62:5). I have to say that I'm somewhat puzzled by all those including conservatives rushing against a slated Koran burning when the Koran itself was written by a Jew-murdering (the tribe of Banu Qurayza) pedophile (via nine year-old Aisha) that instructs all its adherents to jihad against the non-believer as devil-motivated infidels (see Quran 4:76 / 8:39 / 9:5 / 9:29 / 9:73).

Is there something antisemitic about such Quran verses that should be done away with in principle? or should antisemitic verses along with the Jew-murdering connecting-history be tolerated just because billions of Muslims happen to accept such verses and history as indeed holy? Of all the people including the White House officials Obama, Clinton, Biden, Gates, Mullen, the Vatican, US Embassy in Pakistan, news media, and talk show hosts, who voiced their opposition to one American willing use his "freedom of expression" for a cause he believes in, how many of these people have actually read the Quran to see what it contains with corresponding Islamic history and hadith commentary?

Let's put this in precise prospective. One man with a small group in Gainesville, Florida can cause an international outcry that causes high government officials to get involved, yet when such things as a bunch of Muslims in the America's largest city where 9/11 occurred, desecrates an American flag in plan view for all to see, absolutely no outcry from government officials or otherwise is heard! YouTube has stated it would remove any video of Koran burning, yet the following video that I downloaded on the date of this blog has continually remained on YouTube for more than 3 years now. Why hasn't this video been taken off YouTube for being too offensive? Why such a double standard in government and media for the benefit of Islamic terrorists of all things damned, is what I simply can't understand!

From CNN "Larry King Live" (interview with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf by Soledad O'Brien on September 8, 2010)
Ruaf stated: "If we move from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. The headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack. And I'm less concerned about the radicals in America than I'm concerned about the radicals in the Muslim world."

Not only is this lying devil threatening the US with Islamic terror but he himself connects "so-called" radical Islam with the mainstream Muslim world!
  • Q. Who is it that controls his referred "headlines in the Muslim world"? the so-called "moderates" or so-called "extremists"?
  • Q. Is he suggesting that the so-called moderates that supposedly far outnumber the extremists in the Muslim world are going to believe and accept that "Islam is under attack" if "they" (living in their Muslim countries) don't get "their" Victory Mosque build on our Ground Zero soil?
  • Q. Shouldn't the duty of the moderates be to put on down any and all uprising of undue unrest from the few in number extremists in the name of mainstream "peaceful" Islam?
The connection between the jihadist in the Middle East and the purposed Victory Mosque is just the opposite of what Rauf would have you believe. The fact that the Victory Mosque will indeed be erected at Ground Zero after much American controversy will only embolden the jihadists in correctly thinking that America is growing weaker under Islamic public pressure. Willfully-gullible CNN needs to let me interview the al-takiyah bridge-builder to really get what the devil is about behind his "al-takiyah" (lying for the benefit of Islam) fronts. The questioning about the Imam's support for Hamas went as follows:

CNN / O'Brien: "There have been a lot of questions, and I think a fair amount of controversy and criticism about questions that people have had about your take on Hamas. You were asked in an interview in the radio; the interviewer said, is the State Department correct in designating Hamas as a terror group? And you dodged the question. You went on a long time. But there was really sort of no answer to it."
"So -- and I guess people sense that whatever that answer is, if you -- if you don't condemn Hamas, then in a way maybe you're supporting Hamas as a terror organization. So I guess I'd ask that question again. Do you -- you know, is the State Department right in saying that Hamas is a terrorist organization?"

Imam Rauf: "I condemn everyone and anyone who commits acts of terrorism. And Hamas has committed acts of terrorism."

CNN / O'Brien: "Let's talk about Islam..." (went to another subject)1
First, the Imam passed on the question as to whether the State Department was "right" in saying that Hamas was a terrorist organization of which O'Brien allowed him to do by not repeating the question as it was first asked.

Secondly, when he charged Hamas in committing "acts of terrorism" he is NOT talking about "terrorism against the Jewish Israelis" as CNN's Anderson Cooper and others who willfully ate that al-takiyah front hook, line , and sinker, knows better. The takiyah bridge-builder was talking about Hamas terror acts against the other Palestinian terror group Al-Fatah! I mean, what Islamic bridge-builder wouldn't want "peace" between two Islamic organizations in order to better attack Israel so that more "Victory Mosques" can be erected?

If you think I'm in error on this, try to find a quote from Rauf's books or past public statements, or from his many years of peace-bridge building, where he directly denounces terrorist attacks against Jewish citizens of the State of Israel. This should be a clear indication if nothing else concerning his overall stance against terror attacks on Israel. There was a real and definite reason why he initially passed on condemning Hamas altogether when first publicly asked that O'Brien referred to in her questioning, of which even she herself stated that he "dodged the question". All of this is in addition to the fact that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a key figure in the Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization that in turn greatly contributed the pro-Hamas "Free Gaza Movement" that was behind the May 31, 2010 international attack on the Israeli Navy personnel.>

Thirdly, to vaguely condemn some of Hamas' acts is one thing, but to condemn the very core foundation and purpose of Hamas by condemning the 1988 Hamas Covenant is quite another. The problem with media interviewers (especially the liberal based ones like CNN) is that they don't know the mindset of the jihadist nor the "stealth jihadists" like this Imam Rauf. During the whole interview nothing was asked about his naming of the Victory Mosque "Cordoba House" and its obvious link to the Islamic spreading victory of Spain in 711 CE. Nor was the question asked on whether once it was build would the "Islamic world" as well as himself consider it and the American soil it sits on be considered an Islamic Waqf territory that according to sharia law can never be controlled again by non-Muslims?2

The Bottom line is, the Victory Mosque will be build in accordance to UN / Quartet world reform. It is prophesied that at the End of Days all nations in a joint effort will come against Jewish Jerusalem.3 The siding with Islam over American sovereignty is simply a sign and symptom of the spiritual Esau and Ishmael covenant pact against Israel.4

3. Zechariah 14:2-3
4. Joel 3:19 (Christian Bible)

Top photo: The original book printed in Malaysia entitled: "A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post-9/11". The American printing changed the title to "What is Right with Islam".


Anonymous said...

This blog is total extremist bullhonky. That Kahane speech sounded like it was written by a child.

Joe Whitehead said...

Actually, comments that comes in as anonymous making negative claims without explaining why seems to be what is childish and therefore written by a child.

The fact is, even though you don't think that Jew-murder shouldn't be considered "extremism" in your no-doubt Islamic-radical view, it is the so-called Palestinians who are proving more and more that Rabbi Meir Kahane (of blessed memory) was RIGHT - just like everything he said in the speech was right!

The bottom line here Anonymous-Mohammed is that "TRANSFER" would mean no more Arab-Palestinian terrorism, and the world knows - they (like yourself) favor Jew-murder over demanding and addressing Arab-Palestinian responsibility.

I'm sure you don't think that the dirty dung dog El Sayyid Nosair who murdered Kahane wasn't an extremist at all, even though the likes of such a devil-individual was convicted in the involvement with the first Islamic attack on the NYC Twin Towers in 1993, right Anonymous-Mohammed?

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