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"Israel is the only nation on the face of the earth that was created by a sovereign act of God" - Pastor John Hagee

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Quartet Media: "Get Tough with Israel"

From what I'm starting to see coming out of the liberal magazine articles such as Newsweek (January 12, 2009 issue) and The Economist (November 22, 2007 issue) there is a growing media desire to see the forcing of Israel into producing appeasement not only to Arafat's nationalist terrorist party Al-Fatah, but also the Islam-purists party of Hamas!
Is there certain civilian-murdering methods of terrorism that maybe considered too intrusive to impress upon the Palestinians not to express themselves in such Jew-murdering ways? The idea of rewarding terrorist for stopping their terrorism without a devastating punishment is insanely bad enough, but the Quartet hates Israel so bad that they can't even make the Palestinians even look as though they're giving up their terrorism by nature, even for a short while before they joyfully preparing a place for the Palestinians at the [peace] table!
Laying aside Israel's covenant-right to all (every single inch) of the land, and not to mention the land's Jewish ancestral link to every inch of their land, would it be out of touch with reality to demand of the Palestinians (the only aggressor in the conflict) a simple criteria before addressing any of their grievances in a so-called [peace] talks? Simple things, like:
  • Bring to a complete and total halt to any and all acts of terrorism, be it against innocent Jewish civilians or against Israel's non-aggressive / defensive military. 1
  • Bring to a complete and total halt to any and all tunnel and sea shipments weapon smuggling for the purpose of terrorism against innocent Israeli civilians and innocent military personnel.
  • Bring to a complete and total halt to any and all terrorism indoctrinations coming from any entity that the Palestinian authorities has control over, such as: Imam jihadic sermons, storage terrorism weapons in houses and mosques, school text books, state-run television (both of Al-Fatah abd Hamas) newspapers, radio propaganda, the displaying of shahid political martyr posters, and the outlawing of suicide-terrorists names upon street names, hospitals, succor stadiums, ect.
  • Bring to a complete and total halt to any and all references by Palestinian government officials (especially from their President Mahmoud Abbas) that all Palestinian suicide bombers and other Palestinian terrorists have entered the Islamic Garden of Paradise (Heaven).
  • To completely change the covenants of both Al-Fatah and Hamas insomuch that there remains absolutely no doubt or question as to their complete acceptance of the State of Israel - forever, and to not only for the State of Israel to simply exist but the Jewish sovereignty to their Jewish land and state.
The fact is, that the Quartet is well aware that such sane and terrorism-ridding prerequisites are absolutely impossible to produce among the Palestinian people. Still, the Quartet (The USA included) has opted to make the Palestinians with all their terrorism ideology in hand, Israel's [peace] partner regardless, making the so-call [peace] intuitive as insane as the Palestinian civilian-murdering terrorism itself! The Quartet demands that Israel negotiates with Palestinians terrorists knowing full well that only terrorism-appeasement and the ever-continuance of annihilation-danger will be the final and full result for the State of Israel.
The Quartet refuses to even consider the two core reasons for the Middle East conflict because they're too politically incorrect.
  1. Islam simply "conflicts" with Judaism as an inferior religion. When the conflict is broken down to is lowest common denominator so to speak, the conflict is about one thing and one thing only - the battle between the God of Israel verses the god of the Koran. Because of what the Koran teaches it becomes much easier for the Palestinians to justify themselves religiously as the aggressor to something seen as being religiously inferior, and even more so, when what is seen as religiously inferior (the Jews) are religiously taught to be your more dangerous spiritual enemy. Because of their religious Islamic indoctrination the Palestinians can never have a Western interpretation of peace.
  2. Jewish sovereignty of an Islamic Waqf (land taken by Islamic jihad) even though such Jewish sovereignty is the ancient Jewish homeland to begin with. Regardless of [peace] talks and "roadmaps" the sovereign nation of Israel through the eyes of Islam can NEVER truly exist due to Allah's will of sharia law being implemented all over the world, most especially from areas already taken over by Islamic armies. Israel, by just merely existing therefore threatens not just Palestinian Muslims but the whole Islamic world! This is why we see today Shia-Iran and Shia-Hezbollah supporting and even supplying money and weapons to their Islamic sect bitter-rival Sunni-Hamas.
It would actually be easier to rid the world of Islam than for Islam (as a whole) than for Islam to accept just one principle outside the fundamentals of Islam. This is something the West being full of moderate and liberal willful idiots, cannot or refuses to comprehend. They cannot understand that Waqf land is NOT negotiable. When it comes to Allah's preeminence, there is not a kufer (disbeliever) inspired Quartet negotiation nor a so-called [peace] settlement that can override Allah's will as something being finial. How can any true Islamic negotiator negotiate in good Islamic faith against the will of Allah? (See Koran 8:39) This is why when it came to put-up or shut-up, the moderate Yassir Arafat (moderate in his Islam compared to Hamas) pulled out of the Camp David negotiations after all of Gaza and 96-97% of the West Bamk was offered to him, he declined and took up jihad instead culminating in a string of suicide bombings throughout Israel.
As the Islamic-moderate Arafat proclaimed soon after the Oslo [peace] accords, in Johannesburg, South Africa all Islamic treaties are never a finial solution of Islamic dispute, but only to gain strength for jihad - for an Islamic jihad finial solution. Such was the case with Muhammad himself (the perfect example of human behavior -see Koran 33:21) concerning the Meccans and his Hudaibiya Treaty in 628 CE concerning the city of Mecca, and with Saladin's treaty with Richard the Lionheart over the status of Jerusalem in 1191 CE, of which both treaties ended up in Islamic total victory in both Mecca and Jerusalem. With any [peace] negotiations that the Quartet can conjured up will be with the Palestinian mindset going into the negotiations that anything given to them via appeasement (and they know it) is one more step towards the destruction of the entire State of Israel. Six thousand rockets from Hamas-run Gaza after the treaty-free Israeli withdraw is living proof of this Islamic reality!
The Gentile world media has become the "Quartet media" in its focus on the Middle east conflict, and its lobby against Israel. Even conservative news agencies like Fox News, will go against Israel if Israel's policies go against a Republican foreign policy as they did with the Gaza withdraw in 2005. Israel's most loyal political ally - conservative America, promotes with financial force a two-state (finial) solution.
In the name of [peace] the Quartet media views it easier to appease the Islamic terrorists by getting rid of Israel (seen now as the problem causer in the Middle east) than for the world governments to rid the world Islamic terrorism itself. They are now calling on the Quartet to get "tough" with terrorized Israel and not get tough with the Islamic terrorists who are doing the terrorism to begin with. To the Quartet media, there is not right or wrong, no justice or injustice in the Middle East conflict, just politics concerning oil money and who can influence the most.
On January 06, 2009 I e-mailed Arron David Miller, the column writer for the Newsweek article mentioned above, whose credentials include being a State Department adviser for six secretaries of state, and also helped in formulating U.S. policy on the Middle East.
"In your Newsweek article "If Obama is Series" as with all American politicians you seem to be neglecting the fact that Hamas and the society that elected them to run the Palestinian government vows the total destruction of Israel, yet they're consider in America's mindset as a partner of peace. Though politically incorrect you can't change the fact that the "main" causation in the long history of the Middle East conflict has been Islam of which you'll find Koranic verses and hadiths quotes laden throughout the Hamas Covenant. Islam simply "conflicts" with the Jewish religion of Judaism.To believe that the Palestinians can have a finial acceptance of a man-made peace that ultimately goes against Allah's will (Jewish sovereignty in an Islamic Waqf) shows just how ignorant the past American administrations have been.
Throughout Israel's history they have never sought war with the Arabs - never. There has always been a clear defender and a clear aggressor in this conflict. Yet you'd advise that the Obama administration get tough with the defender by land-appeasing what has been the long-term aggressor. I don't get that?
Tell me something Mr. Miller, why couldn't an American Administration demand that the Palestinians totally rid themselves of their covenants (both Hamas and Al-Fatah) that swears the total destruction of Israel, to literally stop any and all rocket fire into Israel, to make a gallant effort to close weapons smuggling tunnels, and to stop all (and I do mean all) terrorist attacks upon Israelis citizens, before one single round of so-called peace-talks would even begin? Is it because it is a given that this is impossible for the Palestinians to do, therefore peace-talks should take place anyway knowing full well only appeasement can come to such a people with an unchanged Israel-destroying agenda, and pressure can be added upon the Israelis who are always being attacked? Should America view Palestinian terrorism as coming from a Palestinian just-grievance, even remotely?
There is a bottom line: cancer and antibodies will never have peace. Until the nature of the cancer is changed or is taken all the way out, the body will continue to struggle, and no "tough" peace-talk and appeasement medication will work in changing that nature."

To this Mr. Miller wrote me back with the following (01-07-09)
"I'm not nearly as interested in what's good for Israel (I'm not an Israeli) as I am in what's good for America. Apparently that's your job. I don't care much what the Israelis do - just not on our dime and with our credibility. Regard"
My response (01-07-09) :
"Then maybe you should argue for America to keep its nose all the way out of Israel business on how it handles Palestinian terrorism and to keep its damnable money. Trust me, Israel can survive much easier without the Quartet!"
With the Obama Administration coming in with WWW as Secretary of State (Wicked Witch of the West) and people like Miller (above) giving her get-tough-with-Israel advise, (as if she needed any) I look for the Quartet media to really turn up the pressure on Israel like never before in US history.
1. One might argue that such things as Israel's bomb droppings that happen to take the lives of bystanders including Palestinian children, and the demolishing of Palestinian homes are Israeli aggressions. But that is the same as saying that the bombing of Japan and Germany is an American aggression victimizing the Japanese Empire and Nazi Germany. Aggression always comes from the "aggressor" never the defenders of aggression. If the Palestinians want so-called Israeli aggression to stop, it is within their power - just stop there terrorism that causes the Israeli reaction. This is just the opposite for the Israelis. If they want the Palestinians to stop their terrorism, they must go on the offensive.
The Palestinians want to "liberate" (an aggressive action) for their cause as in PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) while Israel has to "defend" against that aggression, as in IDF (Israel Defense Forces). It's not a play on words and titles, but reality.

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