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"Israel is the only nation in the world that is governing itself in the same territory, under the same name, and with the same religion and same language as it did 3,000 years ago." - Historian Barbara Tuchman

"Israel is the only nation on the face of the earth that was created by a sovereign act of God" - Pastor John Hagee

"All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?" - Author / Atheist, Mark Twain (long before the Holocaust and Israeli-Jewish statehood)

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Gaza Campagn 2009: Same Gentile Claims - Different War

Let me begin by stating that when political issues arise pertaining to Israel I'm a big proponent of "disproportionate responses" and "human rights violations" that is in the eyes of the Quartet and Palestinians. The so-called disproportionate responses and human rights violations claims that come from Palestinians and the Quartet are the ones who think that they hold the monopoly on what "human right violations" and "disproportionate responses" are, but as far as I'm concerned they are damnable God-haters whose opinion and claims will be damned along with them.
Isn't it just amazing how the words "ceasefire, ceasefire" rings loud and clear coming from the UN, EU, Russia, and soon the USA, when Israel starts pounding their Muslim enemies but not one single word came out of any one of these nations when Israel was taking thousands of rocket hits from the Palestinians, not one single word!
In this latest Gaza confrontation when Israel finally has had enough, and starts striking back and killing some high ranking Hamas ring leaders (Elohim-Akbar on these Hamas leaders being sent to hell via Israeli rocket by the way) those UN emergency meetings and EU delegations really got in gear then calling for a ceasefire, but was every so content for the longest of times as long as it was just Israeli citizens including children that were being rocket fired upon and even killed!
Every war Israel has fought has started with the Muslim Zionist-haters that surrounds them striking first. Yet, Israel has always been "LIMITED" of achieving absolute victory by the UN including the USA - every time! It is the UN that keeps terrorism against the Jews going. If just "once" Israel wasn't pressured to show restraint in their military goals most all terrorism and unjust wars against Israel would come to an immediate stop.
Take the Six Day War for an example: if Israel have not only took over the West Bank and Gaza but also Damascus, Cairo, and Amman of which they so easily could have, there would be no Hezbollah nor Baath party in Syria to this day or for that matter in Lebanon as well. There would have never been no Arafat forces (the PLO) setting up in Jordan and Lebanon, and therefore there would have been no Black September for the Jordanians to experience. There would have been no Yom Kippur War to threaten Israel's existence in 1973. Most Lebanese Christians would not have been slaughtered by the PLO and other Muslim forces, and terrorism organizations such as Hamas in Gaza would find it very difficult to smuggle weapons through an Israeli-occupied Egypt, and Al-Fatah through Israeli occupied Jordan.
The UN (made up of mostly state-supporting terrorism to begin with) does not want Israel to take out anyone who they hope will someday take out Israel. There are three main cries that will come out the Quartet (including the USA) the world antisemitic medias, and the Palestinians.
  1. Ceasefire. This is designed to stop the all Israeli advances against terrorism. A ceasefire only benefits the one who is losing the war and whose goals both short term and long term, are being squashed and the UN, EU, and Russia understand this. This is why they cry it aloud. In its first "Emergency Meeting" right after Israeli troops with into Gaza the UN came up with a resolution calling for a halt of Israel's advance into Gaza. The reason the US (the lone blocker of the resolution) blocked it was because the resolution didn't address rocket fire in any way coming from Hamas. Imagine that!
  2. Limitations. This will mostly come from but not limited to the USA. Because the USA is still part of the Quartet and is in need of Saudi oil, their anti-Bible two-state (finial) solution must come before any total victory over Jew-murdering terrorism by Israel. Therefore, in this latest Gaza war as with others in the past such as in 2006 against Hezbollah in Lebanon, you will hear much "limitation warnings" coming from the USA.
  3. Human Rights Violation / Disproportionate Response / Humanitarian Aid. This is where the antisemitic media carries out its supporting role in these "World (Gentiles) Against Israel" wars. All of Muslim and European media outlets along with most of USA's media (CNN, AP, The New York Times, Newsweek ect.) will be showing dead or injured Palestinians old women and children as they always do. What they will not show you is pictures of rockets hitting elementary schools in Sderot Israel and Beersheva> and >Nor will they explain how Israel drops leaflets warning of the danger to Palestinian civilians, and that the Hamas purposely hides and shoots rockets from behind women, children, mosques, and hospitals, in order to make it harder (not easier) for the Israelis to strike them. This is Islamic Hamas, both Jew-murderer and self-martyrdom are both paths the Allah's heaven. If women and children are killed from being these cowards' human shields, then oh well, there is always that CNN / AP picture-taker to present to the world "Israeli aggression". It's quite ironic that an entire society that is willing that there sons and even daughters suicide themselves in the name of their religion are all of a sudden are greatly concerned about their poor - poor children when the Israelis come knocking>
Israel will stop its self-defense procedures when the US gives it an ultimatum. If Israel doesn't then they will probably be threatened with such things as loan guarantees and arms sales. I believe Israel should keep pounding to life out of Hamas regardless of the collateral damage (Palestinian deaths) that might occur. At least until there is absolutely no threat possible in the form of rocket fire, bomb-fire, and even rubber band-shooters, against any portion of Israel including the ancient covenant land of Gaza - Joshua 15:20, 47!
Those that cry "human right violation" against Israel are the same ones who absolutely don't care about Israeli-Jewish human rights to begin with! There claim of "human rights violations" only work one way - against Israel. Dead innocent Jews don't count, but Islamic idiots who purposely stand on roof tops with their children to pressure Israel from destroying building used to terrorize them, does . So to put it religiously and biblically, to literal hell with so-called "human rights violations" both now and forever!
There are two reasons why Israel has sent in ground troops into Gaza. One, it makes the operation quicker to get in some serious terrorist-killing time before the world pressure mounts too heavy against them, and two, even though it costs more Israeli lives via booby-traps, ambushes, and hand to hand combat, it cuts down on Palestinian civilian deaths than a prolonged air-strike campaign. I personally feel this is a mistake and that either of these precautions Israel should care less about. An attack upon civilian population areas should be justly met with utter devastation on the attackers and on any population who support those Israeli population attackers! Shall we say a population eye for an population eye? (Exodus 21:23-26)
As with our war in Iraq where not one (and I do mean not one single one) of our soldiers should lose life or limb by putting boots on the ground for some stinking Islamic Sunni - Shiite tribal conflict, but where a good American air strike pounding of wide and complete areas of Iraq where afterwords no Allah-akbar-ing can be even remotely heard was certainly called for, should also be played out upon Gaza-based terrorism and upon West Bank-based terrorism by the Israelis as well.
All guilt of any and all deaths of this current war in Gaza, be it men, women, children, plants or animals on both sides should be placed solely and wholly upon the Palestinians first and foremost! Though the Palestinians will be praised and considered victims by the world via the UN, they should be forever condemned as villains by the world. It is they, the Palestinians, as is always the case, who are the guilty Islamic party for started these "acts of aggression" and "terrorism". It is they who are responsible by their actions and should be held accountable for their terrorists actions. It should be quite simple to understand that it is the terrorists actions of these Palestinians that causes the reaction of the Israelis. However, the Europe and Muslim counties would have us to believe that is the Israelis reactions that has cause the Palestinian actions to begin with -a sort of reverse reality and victim-villain role switch in the name of Israeli-Jew hatred.
Who is Responsible for Starting the War?
The Left in this country and in Europe (again, as always) will try to equate the Palestinian dead (especially the children) with the Jewish Israeli dead as victims of aggression and terrorism. They will seek to portray Israeli society - tying them in with world Jewry as a whole - as being no better morally than the Palestinians and even Hamas. However, there is a bottom line reason as to why both sides obtain death and injury to all members of their society, and that reason is: One side starts the aggression while the other side must defend against that aggression.
In this latest Islamic-terror go-around, Hamas' so-called six-months Hudna (ceasefire) ended - never mind that 329 rocket shots was fired towards Israeli citizens of which Israel didn't respond during this six-month Islamic ceasefire period. Hamas in full Islamic tradition, broke the already broken ceasefire (on their part) and began a rocket barrage trying to murder as many Israeli citizens as they possibly could. Everything was oh so fine at the UN, EU, and the Arab League of Nations until Israel (the audacity of the Jews) began in earnest of defending themselves from the Palestinian / Hamas murderous aggression.
Who ever starts the aggression can be typed with the robber in the world of "cops and robbers". Cops don't start aggression but they must tangle with the robbers who do, just watch an episode of "Cops" and you'll see. But because they must tangle with the robbers doesn't mean that they themselves should be equated with the robbers! Only those who have a problem with general authority in the first place would do such a thing. If a robber takes a deadly shot at a police officer and misses, injuring no one, that police officer is still duty bound to return fire with the purpose of taking the life from the robber who fired the first aggressive shot, or in the case of the Israelis, the first 6,300 Katyusha rocket shots!
The Left tries to portray the Middle East conflict as two robbers battling it out over stolen loot in order to equate Israel with the Palestinians thereby giving Palestinian-aggression legitimacy in using terrorism against the Jews. Without counting the countless rockets flying into Israel from Gaza there is another way of determining who is the aggressor and who is the defender, and that is by examining the very natures of the two peoples. We know that killer bees are more than likely to act in aggression than the normal honey bee its cousin - and I hope you catch my "cousin" comparison. Likewise, the ones in the Middle East conflict with the aggressive nature and aggressive tendencies will carry traits of:
  • Devoutly following a prophet that has a history of murdering Jews such as the Banu Qurazah of Yithrib (now Medina).
  • Earnestly following a prophet that has said in an authoritative hadith that in the last days the stones and the trees will cry out, "there is a Jew hiding behind me, come kill him".
  • Having a habit of making farewell suicide video with a Koran (a religious book of aggression - sura 9:5) in one hand and a rifle (instrument for the purpose of aggression) in the other.
  • Overwhelmingly electing a government that states very clearly that it vows the total destruction of the other. Take for an example, the Hamas covenant towards Israel.
  • Showing compassion and respect by the hundreds of thousands of a killed "engineer" who engineered the "suicide bomb belt" responsible for the murder of hundreds of Jewish Israelis. Take the funeral of Yahya Aiyasha where more than 250,000 attended in Gaza 1996
Yes, it is these tendencies and much, much more that pinpoints the Palestinians as the lone aggressor in the Middle east conflict much like it's the Islamic extremist groups that are responsible for all the terrorism throughout Europe. And if the Palestinians are the lone aggressors then the Israelis are the lone defenders. Further proof of Israeli innocent of aggression lies in their capability of military might. If the Israelis as aggressors was determined to destroy the Palestinian people as the Palestinian people are the Jewish Israelis, there would not be a single live Palestinian within a thousand miles of Israel. However, if the military roles and power were reversed history would report two Jewish Holocaust and not just one. Case closed!
Finally, the Jew / Israel haters of the world love to point out that more a lot more Palestinians have died than Israelis. What their are really stating is, "There should be more "dead Jews" in their fight with the Jew-murdering Palestinians" of which would make them more satisfied if there were. My answer to such statements is, "Praise the God of Israel who is allowing the enemies of Israel to be destroyed at the ratio ten to one". Then I will point out that over 6,400 rockets have been shot at Israel with the goal of killing the minimum of at least "one Jew" but they insanely hope for a lot more, and that over 6,400 Palestinians have not received the same return rocket fire that they so deserve by their very allowance and actions! Therefore, in the light of such righteous response, Israel is being ever so kind displaying great and extraordinary compassion towards the evil murderous Palestinians, and it's a good thing for those sorry devils that I'm not king of Israel! This prospective is what I call, "keeping it real"!
May the Zionistic-natured God of Israel (Ezekiel 37:21-22) protect the Israeli Jews - His chosen people, in this current war and coming wars, and may a total and mighty destruction where as they are blotted out from under heaven come to Israel's enemies - forever!
Deuteronomy 7:23-24