The Miracle of Zionism

"Israel is the only nation in the world that is governing itself in the same territory, under the same name, and with the same religion and same language as it did 3,000 years ago." - Historian Barbara Tuchman

"Israel is the only nation on the face of the earth that was created by a sovereign act of God" - Pastor John Hagee

"All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?" - Author / Atheist, Mark Twain (long before the Holocaust and Israeli-Jewish statehood)

"They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth. The Romans and their Empire were but a Bauble in comparison of the Jews. They have given religion to three quarters of the Globe and have influenced the affairs of Mankind more, and more happily, than any other Nation ancient or modern." - President John Adams - His 1808 response letter criticizing the depiction of Jews by the French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why I Hate the Palestinians

Let me say from the beginning that I don’t hate anyone as a general rule. I look for and desire to see the good in every human being as I believe everyone else should do as well. If someone has been influenced by an evil mindset in ideology, then my first reaction is not to commence hating that person but rather to make an attempt to shake that person out of that destructive mindset by using logic and reason, along with a persuasive passion for what is spiritually right and true.

However, because this is not always possible regardless of the amount of truth that is placed before certain individuals, and because there are those who will always love the evil inwardly more than righteousness, I believe that there can is righteous-based hatred regarding some humans. I don’t believe in living a life for the sole purpose of hating for any cause as do certain political, religious, and non-religious hate groups. But there are things in this life (including evil devoted people) of whom it's righteous to hate.

God judges hatred along with all motivations of the human heart by His law and not by man’s westernized liberal conceptions. There is a big difference between hating your personal enemy on a personal level for personal reasons, and hating an enemy of God on a spiritual level for spiritual reasons. Examine what the scripture states:
"Do not I hate them, O YHVH, that hate thee?
And am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: They are become mine enemies. Search me, O God, and know my heart: Try me, and know my thoughts; And see if there be any wicked way in me, And lead me in the way everlasting." - Psalms 139:21-24.
(also see II Chronicles 19:2)

In this segment from the book of Psalms, the psalmist was searching his heart before God in which he was making sure that his godly resistance towards his enemies - in the form of righteous hatred - was in check. In this passage Israel’s enemies are the ones who hates God. For the psalmist, his thought was that if he did not have a "perfect" hatred towards God’s enemies, then his thoughts of not hating God's enemy would be of a wicked way within his heart. From my point of view, the politically-correct secular world could learn volumes from the simple declaration that this psalmist proclaimed and of which the first and second Jewish Temple singers sang the psalm:1
Do not I hate them, O YHVH that hate thee?” and "I hate them (God's enemies) with a perfect hatred"
I have heard people say that they may hate the things evil people do but not the person themselves. I agree with that concept in general but not as an overall concept. An individual can sink so much into evil that they become “as one” with their wickedness. There is a place in the realms of evil where a person has sold out "soul" lock, stock and barrel in effect crossing the point of no return where their whole lives can only be devoted as an enemy against God. Such was the case with Pharaoh during the time of the Exodus whose heart become more hardened after each manifestation of the ten plagues of Egypt.

To bring this reality into modern times, I do not and cannot love any part of Adolph Hitler including his very soul. I not only hate the things that he did on earth but I also hate him spiritually as God's enemy as well. How about you? Are you a hater of Hitler's very soul?

Fact: There is no separation between Hitler's soul and his Holocaust deeds that he did on earth both now and forever.

Hitler made a choice to become the image of evil rather than expressing the image of God he was made in. I don’t believe God loves him but rather hates him insomuch that Hitler’s soul (and not just the things he did) is in a place of the eternally damned where he will be forever separated from the God of mercy, justice, and righteousness. So in trying to be like minded with God’s thinking towards Hitler, I hate the expressed devil that Hitler was and forever shall be known. I not only believe that it's a righteous act to hate Hitler, but in fact it would be evil of me or anyone else not to do so as the above Psalm of David plainly points out. Furthermore, the so-called do-gooders who actually love Hitler are the ones most likely to support him and his deeds.
Hitler is not the only ambassador of evil to walk around in human form. I feel the same way with the likes of other such devils as Yassier Arafat, Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, and now Jimmy Carter who has devoted the rest of his evil life to the cause of Israel's murderous enemy. These men are not simply misguided fools that are followers of evil (a place where true repentance and the turning away from evil are still available to such a person) but they are in fact actual leaders and forgoers of evil for the sole purpose of leading others in their evil!

Since false prophets don’t repent, (no false prophet in the Bible ever did) I have no desire to pray for these men and others like them for a change of their evil ways. Rather, I choose to pray according to God’s promise to them which is for their destruction as God sees fit according to their relentless evil and unrepentant deeds upon this earth.
"And He repays those who hate Him to their face, to destroy them. He will not be slow to repay him who hates Him. He will repay him to his face." - Deuteronomy 7:10 (See also Isaiah 59:18).

Therefore, my Bible-guided prayer is, "May YHVH according to His holy and righteous Torah promise, repay the Arab-Palestinians to their face, along with and all who support them in their terrorist-expressed hatred acts against YHVH's chosen people."

The Palestinians:
There isn't a greater enemy towards the nation of Israel in all the world today than the Palestinians! The Palestinians have taken the title from the German Nazis as "the greatest threat" to the Jewish nation. Mein Kamph gave way to Jihadi - both meaning "my struggles" in both German and Arabic. When Hitler's struggles expired the Islamic struggles picked up the banner. What now is at stake in the conflict between the Jews and the Palestinians that wasn't at stake during Hitler's Final Solution is the possibility of the most evil people in all the earth, worshiping the most evil god (their god Allah), in the most holiest place (Jerusalem and the Temple Mount) in all the world!

The rebirth of Israel as a nation has given rise to Allah (an Arabian deity) wanting to be worshiped by his subjects at the very place designed for the God of Israel to be worshiped (see Psalms 132:13,14). Just the possibility of this scenario alone should show the secularists that there is a God of Israel that holds an everlasting covenant with the Jewish people (see Psalms 105:8-10). For it is impossible to ask for better stage to be set from what we see in the Middle East today to begin an all out "end of the age" showdown between good and evil.
There has never been of people in modern times besides the Palestinians whose paradigm is terrorism and whose ultimate goal as a people in the world is towards the annihilation of another people based upon their religion and spirituality. What makes this fact all the more significant is that the Palestinians are given the world's support (7.4 billion dollars worth of support recently > in their terrorist endeavors and annihilation aspirations, and this was after the Palestinians as a people overwhelmingly voted in the party of Hamas to run their government in January 2006!

World actions of this nature adds a greater significance to the end-time war between good and evil (Ezekiel 38:16-23). Besides the 7.4 billion pledged the to Palestinians, billions of dollars more are added in the form of state of the art weaponry being sold to the enemies of Israel >

Along with the billions of dollars that the UN is pledging to the Palestinians, the world's plan for tiny Israel becomes very clear! If the nations hadn't taken upon themselves to support Israel's greatest enemies there would not have been a need for Zechariah 12:9 to have been written: "And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem."
To try and understand the depth of the very evil that lies within the Palestinian society, one must look at what they as a society are capable of. The following is a very small and incomplete list as to the kind of things that comes forth from out of the Palestinian people. While viewing this list ask yourself, "Why are the world nations (especially the United States lead by a conservative president) are so desperately seeking to grant these Palestinians (of all people) any kind of a political state?"

Muslim religious fervor has many different facets of Jew-murdering expressions that are fully exposed in the Palestinian society. From passing out candy at shahid funerals to eating flesh and drinking blood of Jewish victims as they did on October 12, 2000 in Ramallah> Yet, the Muslim world has the audacity to vilify Israel as the blood-libel people and state. It is these Palestinians who are on the front lines (even occupying a huge portion of the ancient land of Israel) in the Islamic war against the God of Israel!

The 64,000 dollar question: Does the God of Israel "hate" the Palestinians?

The politically-correct answer would be, "God loves everybody". However, the Bible is never politically correct. The Bible states very clearly that God hated Esau, who like the Palestinians wished to destroy Jacob / Israel.

"I have loved you, saith YHVH. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith YHVH: yet I loved Jacob, And I hated (Hebrew: sanay-ti) Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness. Malachi 1:2,3

The New Testament correctly applies this scripture of God's hatred of an individual as also to the nation that proceeded from that individual (see Romans 9:12,13). The land that should be considered for a Palestinian state is all contained in the ancient writings of which the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about -the Bible. Aside from Mecca, the Palestinian spiritual base is that of Esau's - Mt. Seir in Jordan, which is why the prophecies of Ezekiel against Israel's most vicious enemy is not against the West Bank, for that is Israel's land and not the Palestinians!

Take another look at the list above as to what the Palestinians are capable of and then see if you notice any similarities in the following scripture: "Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end...Because thou hast said, These two nations and these two countries shall be mine, and we will possess it; [sound familiar? > ] whereas YHVH was there: Therefore, as I live saith YHVH God, I will even do according to thine anger, and according to thine envy which thou hast used out of thy hatred against them; and I will make Myself known among them, when I have judged thee. - Ezekiel 35:5, 10-111

One of the hardest scriptures for most people to understand and one that I personally had an atheist use in trying to discredit the Bible, is Psalms 137:7-9 which reads:
Remember, O YHVH , the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof. O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

The psalmist is not promoting that idea of killing innocent children for the sake of killing children. That would be what the enemies of the Bible and Israel would have you believe! This is the same mindset that the "Human Rights Watch" tried to sell the world (which the world willfully bought) when they accused Israel of killing 54 children in Qana, Lebanon during the 2006 Lebanon-Israeli War. Because of their spiritual state they didn't have the ability nor the will to considered the 4,000 rockets that was shot from civilian locations into Israel to start the war by which was indeed meant to kill as many Israeli citizens including children as possible!

When given over to dark forces the human mind can no longer judge between good and evil. This scripture in the book of Psalms is about God's judgment (of what He will allow to occur) in the form of reaping and sowing. Babylon had "dashed" Jewish babies against stones in their invasion against the Jewish people much like the Palestinians shoot rockets targeting Jewish school children. The scripture of Psalms 137:7-9 is stating that what the Babylonians did against the Jews would divinely return back to them in the form of the coming Persian Empire. In fact, one could argue that Babylon is still reaping from their deeds of old in today's Iraq!

Likewise, the prophet Ezekiel has declared that Israel's enemies would reap what they have sown at the End of Days (Ezekiel. 35: 5-11). Keep in mind that Psalm 137 is one of the most Zionistic portions of scripture in the entire Bible. In it we find the great love for God's chosen people - the Jews, and for Zion - God's chosen place of worship. But also we find in it a bitter hatred for all those who hate and try to kill God's chosen and possess Zion for their own - kind of like what the Palestinians do.

So why do I hate the Palestinians? Simply put; because God does! Not that every single Palestinian is hated by God, for I know that God loves Palestinians such as Walid Shoebat - a Palestinian who has a deep devoted love for Israel and Israel's covenant with YHVH. But according to the Hebrew scriptures God hates all those who hate His covenant with Israel, which puts the Arab-Palestinians as a people first in line to be hated by God!

As God commanded Israel to hate Amalek that his name be blotted out from under heaven for his deeds in using cowardly acts against Israel in possessing her land of inheritance (Deuteronomy 25:17-19) the modern Amaleks of today should be hated for their cowardly terrorist attacks on Jewish civilians who claim their land of inheritance as well. May Arafat's name and the names of those who support his goal be blotted out from under heaven! Amen? Amen!

"The boastful shall not stand in Your sight; You hate all workers of iniquity." - Psalms 5:5

"YHVH tests the righteous, But the wicked and the one who loves violence [terrorist Palestinians] His soul hates." - Pslams 11:5

Do not I hate them, O YHVH, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies. Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. - Psalms 139: 21-24
1. Psalms chapters 107-150 (the fifth section of the Pslams in the Hebrew Bible) are mostly liturgical psalms for pilgrimages to the temple and festivals.


Trencherbone said...

ALL Muslims (not just Palestinians) are theologically committed to the total extermination of the Jews. It is the word of Allah and cannot be questioned:

How many of the liberal, dhimmi, democrat-voting Jews are aware of this?

The writing is on the wall for all of us in the planned Muslim caliphate, but for Jews the writing is in dayglo letters six feet high.

Joe Whitehead said...

Thanks Trencherbone.
I really don't think it would matter whether the liberal, dhimmi, democrat-voting Jews understand Islam's goal for the Jewish people or not.

The Jews are always the best in their field including self-hating. The best antisemites from around the world over are the liberal, anti-Torah Jews.

During Moses' time it was Korah, now in modern times its Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, and all the Jew-boys in the US Hussein Administration. They would like nothing more than to see the Jewish state, people, heritage, and of course the Hebrew Bible, destroyed forever.

I liked what I saw so far on your blog-site, I'll continue to read further. Thanks again.
- Joe

Kat said...

You are an absoloute fuckwit, and the reason why the world hates Israel; not Judaism,but Israel. What a pathetic excuse of a human being, a waste of air.

Joe Whitehead said...

To Kat,
Oh there, there, little boy.
What is pathetic of any human being is trying to forward their Neo-Nazi agenda against the Jews in the post-Holocaust era by claiming that there is some sort of separation between the Land of Israel (Eretz Yesrael), The Torah (Judaism) and the Jewish People.

The only reason that there is a modern State of Israel is "BECAUSE" of long history of Judaism from which its Holy Book (Tanach) prophesies of the Jews returning to the "Land of their fathers". I mean you can't get more "Judaism" than that! Don't you and the rest of the world just "hate" that Kat?

I'll tell you what Kat, you can keep hating Israel as a disguise for hating Jews and the God of Israel, and I'll keep hating you with a perfect hatred based upon my "Judaism" scripture of Psalms 139:21-22.

"Do not I hate them, O YHVH, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies."

Kat said...

What a load of garbage! No religion endorses hate, and if if does, it's not a religion- it's madness! Your little mind somehow thinks that God would agree with your disgusting point of view! Haha, this gets better...
You can't be responsible for being a narrow minded racist waste of space, so instead you justify it as part of Gods will... Yes, go on, talk about the holocaust! Does it somehow justify the fact that Israel have become modern-day Nazis?? Once victims, now perpetrators, typical.
Ps. Israel is a country, Judaism is a religion and by insisting that they are one and the same makes the ordinary person get turned off Jews in general.
Pps. I pity you

Joe Whitehead said...

To Kat,
I'm sure that "madness" is how you truly feel about the Jewish religion of Judaism.
For your willfully ignorant information, there are two kinds of hatred. Not all hatred is evil.
For example, it is righteous and good to "HATE" Nazism. Now, don't that give you a whole new look and appreciation for "hatred" in general.
Likewise, it's "holy" and "righteous" to hate you due to your Nazi-loving self.
It's not God agreeing with me, it me agreeing with God!
Here, Let your little Nazi, Jew-hating mind follow the Holy-Book words:
"Do not I hate them, O YHVH, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies"

There, you see, now do you know why it is part of my holy religion to hate you with a prefect hatred???

Yes I will talk about the White-Europe causing Holocaust. I'll even talk about the deeply religious Palestinian - Jerusalem Mufti named Hal Amin Al-Husseini who met with Hitler himself to bring the Holocaust to the land of Israel. Oh yes, I'll even talk about how Hitler's Mein Kamph has been on the Palestinian's "best sellers" list. Yet a little Jew-hating spiritual bastard like yourself has the audacity to claim the Jews are Nazis?
You only want to name-call the Jews of Israel as Nazis because that is what you are guilty of. You're trying to pass your inward evil unto the righteous of Israel.
For this reason alone is why you are "righteously" hated by the God of Israel and hated by men who agree with the God of Israel.

Israel is a country based upon the foundation of Judaism - that's why it's a "Jewish Country".

Kat said...

How wrong you are!! I have not said once that I hate Jews/Judaism once! On the contrary, I have several practicing Jewish friends who are beautiful people...who aren't promoting hatred of any race or religion.
I've never been pro-Nazi, hitler was a prick- obviously...nor do I support terrorists/religious leaders who promote hate under the umbrella of a religion....
Why on earth are you criticising the mufti, when you and him are exactly the same; both preaching hate and violence?! Should be brothers really!
Because you obviously have a weak argument, anyone who is against Israel is pro-Nazi or Jew hating...beyond ridiculous (but do I really expect anything better from an uneducated patriot??? Hahaha)

Joe Whitehead said...

To Kat,
Are you 16 years old or is that too high of a guess? Your accusations make you sound like some youth-punk - seriously.

You seem to believe that your anti-Israel based wild accusations toward me make up for your inability to a respond to a direct statement challenge.

Here are some spiritual facts about you:
1. You are full of hate for Israel simply because of the spiritual element of Jews living in their ancient homeland as the Judaism Holy Book prophesied.

Note: The term "Jew", The Land of "Judaea" and the religion of "Judaism" all are derivatives of each other.

2. You call the Jewish Israelis (not the Arab Israelis) "Nazis" based on your hatred for their Jewishness.

3. Your statement of having "Jewish friends" is quit common among antisemitic racists and was to be expected. It's calling "fencing" in the field of psychology. Mohammad even had a Jewish wife (much more than a friend) after murdering the whole Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza. Of course with all your education you knew that right?

4. The Mutfi hated Israel. I love Israel. So therefore I can't be like the Mufti. But you hate Israel just like the Mufti hated Israel. So therefore it is "YOU" who is like the Mufti. See? Wasn't that simple?

5. Hamas and Hezbolla also claim the Jewish Israelis are Nazis. That means you and the major terrorist organizations have the same mindset to this end, does it not? Yet you try to come off as some sort of peace activist. What a lying devil you are Kat - nothing but a lying devil.

6. All those who claim the Israelis are Nazis, are indeed neo-Nazis themselves. It just takes a little exposing them - like now for example. You support the Mufti in his hatred of Israel, who in turn supported Hitler in his hatred of Jewish Israel.

7. The more I expose you the more valuable this site is, don't you think? Hahaha!

Joe Whitehead said...

To Kat,
Here's you a chance to show your education by responding to the following quotes. Now remember, only a youth-minded inexperienced teenager will bypass the quotes without responding to them directly - because that's all he can do. Accusations in an attempt to divert from the main quote will get you a big Jew-hating "F" in this class:

Here are the historical quotes:

"My dear Hitler, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you appear to have been defeated, in reality you are the victor. You succeeded in creating dissensions between Churchill, the old man, and his allies, the Sons of Satan. Germany will win because her existence is necessary to preserve the world balance. Germany will be reborn in spite of the Western and Eastern powers. There will be no peace unless Germany once again becomes what she was."- Anwar Sadat (Future Egypt president that would attack Israel in a war of annihilation).

“The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim or servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him” - Holy and Authoritative Hadith (commentary to the Koran) Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj al-Qushari (821 - 873 AD) Book 41 No. 6985

"Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases Allah, history, and religion. This saves your honor. Allah is with you.” - Palestinian Haj Amin Al-Husayni (1941) After meeting with Hitler

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" - Palestinian Hamas Covenant (1988)

Ok Kat boy, give it your best "peace activist" shot. You just take right off and denounce with vigor, these damnable Jew / Israel hating statements.

You know I know your antisemtic mindset better than you yourself do. So let me instruct before you even start: don't try to equate Israel with such statements above in an attempt to covertly justify the Jew-hating quotes that your neo-Nazi soul wants to do so bad.

And remember Kat boy, a Palestinian Islamic terrorist is the one who solely responsible for "ALL" deaths on both sides whether it his Jewish victims, himself, and any and all "human shields" he decides to use in playing against the Israeli good nature, be they Palestinian women, children, or hospital bed victims.
Got that in your neo-Nazi skull? Now go make me proud!

Joe Whitehead said...

To Kat,
Oh I forgot to ask about your, quote, "practicing Jewish friends who are beautiful people".

Q. If they were citizens of Israel serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) would they still be considered "beautiful people" in your eyes?

I know, I know, its a trick question, but go ahead and see what you can come up with for an answer.

Joe Whitehead said...

To Kat,
What's the matter Kat boy? the cat has got your tongue?
It's amazing how antisemites who try passing themselves off as "peace activists" get real quiet when confronted with Nazi-style Palestinianism and are asked to denounce such violent-based Islamic ideology directed toward Israel.

Therefore, it's appropriate to challenge your Jew / Israeli hating, coward self again.

My previous posts included historical quotes from the following:
1. A letter to Hitler from a future Egyptian president who would attack Israel in a 1967 and in 1973 in a "War of Annihilation".
2. A Palestinian religious Islamic Grand Mufti from Jerusalem who met with Hitler seeking his help in Jewish annihilation (an extension of the Holocaust) "before" there was even a State of Israel.
3. A Palestinian political party who was overwhelmingly elected by the Palestinian people and is currently running the so-called Palestinian government.
4. An Islamic "holy and authoritative" (Koran-Commentary) Hadith.

Therefore, it shouldn't be very hard for a peace-lover like yourself to be more than willing to denounce such Islamicly-inspired aggression against Jews, right?
I mean, you should be more than willing to call them "Nazis" just like you did the Israelis, right peace-lover Kat boy?

Of course, no response will only prove (as I already know) that you are nothing more than a little antisemitic coward trying to pass yourself off as someone who dislikes violence in order to demonize the State of Israel Jews (and not the 20% Israeli Arabs).
You're just as big of a coward as the Palestinian terrorists who hide behind children, women, and hospitals when the Israelis come looking for them.

Stephen said...

I do not enjoy egotism, but I have read this page simply to try to understand the mind of another in an attempt to see the egotism within myself.
Evil Recognizes its' own kind, and you sir are an Egotist.

You speak of a "Perfect Hate" and your desire to follow the example of the psalmist in hating your enemy by channeling what you believe what must surely be GOD's hatred of someone. You even make logic based deductions as to why you think GOD would hate someone, and therefor excuse yourself into hating them as well.

My question is this, do you think that God when he gave us the 10 commandments, was intending for people to hate and war for thousands of years?

Love thy neighbor
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Thou Shalt Not Steal
---Side note here: I understood that you are Jewish, not a Psalmist. Why are you trying to emulate the Psalmist rather than follow the words GOD printed on Stone?

Greed - I want what's mine, and I get to define what is Mine and not yours.

As children, we are all born into this world with greed and an ego. Babies cry for attention, toddlers fight over toys and yell "MINE". It's something that our parents must break us of so that we can learn to live in a society with others. We can't always have our own way. We can't always be the first in line or have the largest piece of cake.

Ego - it's all about your (and my) personal ego. Everyone wants to be "correct".

Even as I write this I can't help second-guessing myself. What makes me think I have this sorted out? Well, I'm sure I've got something wrong, but I can at least try.
Through the centuries people have fought continually over who's got the right view of GOD.

Guy1: I believe GOD wears blue robes, and is all powerful.
Guy2: You've got it wrong, and if you don't believe as I do I'll show you my pointy stick!!
Guy1: Oh yeah, well you're not the only one with a pointy stick! My God is Strong!

And so it continues... sometimes subtle differences in viewpoints cause people to pull out their pointy sticks and kill thousands.

I still don't know how to figure that one. Since GOD is all powerful, if God wanted them dead why do humans have to sharpen sticks? Why do people think that -we- have to fight it out? GOD creates and he can destroy as well. God could just do away with the "Bad Guys" in the blink of an eye. That would help his chosen to stay within the laws HE gave to Moses.
Pharaoh & the Red Sea, Hello?
When GOD wants to get rid of bad guys, HE does a fantastic job of it.

You claim not to be a "hater" but then give yourself excuses to do just that. You HATE for GOD?

What mortal can know the mind of GOD? The entire plan and scope of GOD's WILL? None.

Yet you claim to KNOW who and what GOD HATES, and think this can somehow give you an excuse to hate as well. Oh, thy ego overflows greatly. Sharpen thy pointy stick and call forth battle, we've another Champion of EGO who's decided that his viewpoint MUST BE Supreme and all others must be convinced, pointy sticks for everyone!!

Myself though, I try to be more of a "Love Thy Neighbor" type. Not saying I'm great at always treating everyone as a neighbor, heck I'm an egotist and a hater just like you. But in my journey through life, I'm trying to be less of an egotist and more of a neighbor.

Joe Whitehead said...

To Stephen, (Part 1)
I wonder if you think the Zionist God (YHVH) of the Hebrew Bible is a Egotist? And perhaps you think the psalmist who wrote Psalms 139:21-24 is also a egotist as well, being that he was the first to refer to a "perfect hatred" towards the enemies of God?
Unless you believe that the psalmist of 139:21-24 made some "logic based deductions" perhaps you can explain Psalms 139:21-24 in your most non-egotist way. I'd really like to hear it.

You wrote: " My question is this, do you think that God when he gave us the 10 commandments, was intending for people to hate and war for thousands of years?

My response: Guess what? the answer to your question can be found in two verses back to back:
" Know therefore that YHVH thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a THOUSAND GENERATIONS;
And repayeth them that hate him to their face, to destroy them: he will not be slack to him that hateth him, he will repay him to his face." - Deuteronomy 7:9-10

Wow, it almost makes a non-egotistic wonder how a God who could write, "Love thy neighbor, Thou Shalt Not Kill, Thou Shalt Not Steal" could be so hyped as to "repay him to his face" after a "thousand generations" doesn't it?

Side note here: You understood wrong, I'm neither Jewish nor a psalmist but unlike you I know the Hebrew Bible's penalty not "following the words GOD printed on Stone".

You wrote: "Greed - I want what's mine, and I get to define what is Mine and not yours.

My Response: Hum? It may be egotistical of me, but If I know my history correctly, it was the Israelis who accepted the 1947 UN Partition Plan and it was the Arabs who rejected it, choosing war instead.
It was also the Arabs who returned Israel's offer to peace for land after the Six Day War with the infamous three no's: "no recognition of Israel, no negotiation with Israel, no peace with Israel".
Gaza is like like Post-Nazi Germany (Jew-Free) due to Israel wishing to share the land, so which side does your reference of "greed" continually come from?

Non-Egotistical Fact: Every Arab / Muslim nation who wants peace with Israel .......HAS PEACE WITH ISRAEL (none has been denied).
It 's only those Arab/Mislim nations who "don't want peace with Israel" indeed "don't have peace with Israel". Amazing huh?

You wrote: "And so it continues... sometimes subtle differences in viewpoints cause people to pull out their pointy sticks and kill thousands."

My response: The State of Israel does not "call for" nor does it set out to conquer any people. All, (again, "All") the land it has acquired has been through land purchases and defensive measures against Arab-sought annihilation of another Jewish Holocaust.

This fact makes it all the more interesting since the nation of Israel represents the original word of God, that the gentile holy books had to "add" their very foundation on!

I know it's egotistical of me to point out, but it isn't the Israeli Jews who dress there children up in military grab and have them hold grenades, guns, ect. and march yelling out "death to Israel" and other murderous chants. Nor is it the Israelis who call for the annihilation of the other side via their government declaration.

I do have another "egotistical" post concerning your supporting of the supposedly non-egotistical Palestinians>

End of response - Part one

Joe Whitehead said...

To Stephen Part 2

You wrote: "Why do people think that -we- have to fight it out? GOD creates and he can destroy as well. God could just do away with the "Bad Guys" in the blink of an eye."

Good and Evil are a facet of life. There is just wars, and there is unjust wars on every side. God can be glorified in war (as in one that opposes evil such as Nazism) or war can go against God which seeks a Jewish annihilation. But that's just me being egotistical. :)

You wrote: " You claim not to be a "hater" but then give yourself excuses to do just that. You HATE for GOD?"

My Response: You missed the whole principle point of the Hebrew Bible. Like war, and even the taking of a human life, "hate" is not always a bad thing.
It is good, righteous, and even the responsibility of everyone to "HATE" things such as Nazism. Am I egotistically wrong on this?

Let me ask you, as a supposedly non-egotistical, do you Stephen "hate, yes I said "Hate" and again, do you ""HATE"" the Nazi ideology???
In other words, would you describe yourself as a "hater" of Nazism, and do you give yourself an excuse for being a "hater" in your hatred for Nazism???

Do I hate God? I want to "hate" everything He "Hates" and Love everything He loves. How about you?

You wrote:"What mortal can know the mind of GOD? The entire plan and scope of GOD's WILL? None."

My Response: That's your opinion by which you claim that I'm egotistical. Yet you have the audacity to write concerning what God has written in stone?

You wrote: " Yet you claim to KNOW who and what GOD HATES, and think this can somehow give you an excuse to hate as well. Oh, thy ego overflows greatly. Sharpen thy pointy stick and call forth battle.."

My Response: So what makes your claim that I don't know what God hates stronger? How do we know that it's not "your ego" that denies this fact.
Then, perhaps that fact that Israel has to sharpen sticks for the purpose of defense sends the all-purpose signal that I'm indeed right, since someone has to be. You think?

You wrote: "Myself though, I try to be more of a "Love Thy Neighbor" type. Not saying I'm great at always treating everyone as a neighbor, heck I'm an egotist and a hater just like you. But in my journey through life, I'm trying to be less of an egotist and more of a neighbor."

My Response: Really? How's that working for you towards the Israeli Zionists?

End of Response - Part 2

Anonymous said...

To all the people who are expressing their hate towards Muslims and Islam and their supposed Antisemitism: I am a fairly observant conservative leaning, pro-Israel American Jewish man, and my two best friends are Arab Muslims (one American, and one from Algeria). In fact, the lady from Algeria wears a hijab and frequently expresses her disdain for Israel to me. Not only this, she prays five times a day. This, however, in no way gets in between us having a very good friendship, nor has she tried to convert me to Islam or any such thing, so I would ask those people who make blanket statements about 300 Million Arabs and even more Muslims to stop spreading the hate. My G-d is a G-d of Love and the bond between two people knows no race, religion, or political beliefs. So stop spreading the hate. That is all.

Anonymous said...

It's really simple guys. Why do Muslims and Palestinians want to "kill" the Jews in Israel?

First, the goal is not to "kill". The goal is to get you the hell out of where you don't belong, Jews of Israel. LOOK:

I am going to pretend that I have no religion, and I am not from any country in the world. I am a person observing a land where people live. I observe how they do their work everyday in the morning, how they go fetch lunch for their families, how they return to their homes and have a good sleep at night.

Suddenly, in 1948, these people were forced to leave their homes. WHAT? They were "FORCED" to leave "THEIR" homes? Yes. They were all killed/threatened to be killed otherwise.

Other people known as the "Jews" replaced those innocent people (no matter WHAT they were known as; Palestinians- Martians- Broccoli-shaped-human-beings- I DON'T CARE WHAT THEIR NAME WAS).

Why? Because the Jews and according to a book of theirs say that this land belonged to them and they were promised to retain that land.

Do you understand why those human beings more modernly known as Palestinians are very angry with you? I think you do understand, but you don't even TOUCH on the point. You simply can't, because then everything you argue for will be WRONG and will be based on WRONGFULNESS.

You took our homes and the land we lived on. We will be angry with you until the day we die, and our children will be angry with you until the day they die, and forever so. We will take our land back from you cowardly thieves- religion totally aside? Because we are not pushovers.

Joe Whitehead said...

Response to Anonymous' post dated February 14, 2012 4:24 PM

**My turn**

Yes it is real simple guys;
Q. Why do Muslims and Palestinians want to "kill" the Jews in Israel?
A. Because Muhammed (damn his Jew-hating soul) murdered Jews throughout Arabia, therefore becoming "sunna" (the path / way) of the prophet that every Muslim is commanded in there Quran to emulate.

Now, I am going to pretend that I have no religion, and I am not from any country in the world. I am a person observing a land where people live. I observe how they do their work everyday in the morning, how they go fetch lunch for their families, how they return to their homes and have a good sleep at night.

Suddenly, in 1948, these Jewish people were forced to leave their homes. WHAT? They were "FORCED" to leave "THEIR" homes? Yes. They were all killed/threatened to be killed otherwise.........because as factual history reveals to us that 14 combined Islamic nations declared war on the Jews and Jewish sovereignty within their own natural ancestral homeland!
See how simple that is guys???

Other people known as "Muslim Arabs" are indoctrinated to believe they have a right to replaced those innocent Jewish people of the land of Judea (by which the term ""JEW"" derives from, and deny them of their Jewish heritage, religion, and ancestral homeland.
These were Jew-hating Muslim Arabs (no matter WHAT they were known as; Palestinians- Martians- Broccoli-shaped-human-beings- I DON'T CARE WHAT THEIR NAME WAS).

Why? Because the Muslim Arabs according to a book of theirs say,
"Fight the Jews who do not believe in your Allah and prophet until they submit and pay a jizyah tax" (Quran 9:29) while denying the long Hebrew ancestral book by their prophets and direct ancestors had written long before these Arabs set foot in the land, that this land belonged to them and they were promised to retain that land.

Q.Do you understand why those human beings more modernly known as Palestinians are very angry with you?
A. Why yes, because their non-Jewish sick demented false Arabian prophet was angry with the Jews. That's why they are angry with us!

I do understand this Jew-hatred point as to why prior to 1948 Palestinian religious Islamic Mufti Haj Amein Al Husseini meet with his beloved and ally Adolph Hitler to ratify an alliance against the Jews just weeks before the Finial Solution when into effect, but you don't even TOUCH on this point.
You simply can't, because then everything you argue for will be WRONG and will be based on WRONGFULNESS.

You took our homes and the land we lived on for Biblical centuries before Muhammad was named slave of Allah (the Moon god deity) by his non Muslim father!

We will be angry with you until the day you die, and our children will be angry with you until the day you die, and forever so. We will take our Biblical ancestral land back from you cowardly thieves (including Gaza again) - religion totally aside? Because we are not the Chosen People of the God of Israel.

How's that Muhammed Anonymous?

Joe Whitehead said...

To the "ignorant of Islam" Jew who posted "anonymous" on February 12, 2012 12:44 AM

I'm going to say you don't know the Sunna from Tuna. Because if you did, you would know that two ditches were dug at Auschwitz in Poland and Medina in Arabia for the purpose of filling them with Jewish murdered bodies.
One was dug on the orders of Hitler while the other on the orders of Muhammed.

Why don't ask your Muslim "friends" if the 900 Jewish Banu Qurayza males who were old enough for pubic hair growth, ""deserved"" to be beheaded while Muhammed and his 12 year old wife looked on?

Maybe you might ask those good Muslim "friends" about this following "Sahih (reliable) authoritative Islamic hadith:
“The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim or servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him” - Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj al-Qushari

The biggest fight in an ideological war is knowledge which thanks to our dhimmi Western media most kafirs don't have when it comes to just what Islam is. Therefore, my attack is targeted on Islam itself on not towards Muslims per say.

Most every Muslim has three expressions:
1. The treatment of Kafirs based upon the Meccan revelations that the media world calls "moderate Muslims".
2. The treatment of kafirs based upon the Medinan revelations which is your basic jihadist and bin Laden's of the world.
3. The kafir Muslim who basically is an apostate to the Quran and the Sunna. His name may be Muhammed but he like beer and Western music.

Algeria hijab wearing "friend" sounds like a "Meccan Quran Muslim" being she is religious yet fails to follow Muhammed's example and the Quran's demand NOT to make friends with Jews and Christians. See Quran 5:51

One of my personal jobs in life including this blog site is to get the kafir world (including ignorant American Jews) to realize Islam is not true Islam unless you have the "whole truth" and nothing but the whole truth, of the Medinan Quran (i.e. revelations).

Anonymous said...

Joe Whitehead, I am the "anonymous" guy who posted February 14, 2012 4:24 PM...

First of all, Muhammad (Peace be upon him; do not call him names...) was NOT a hater of the Jews initially. Only when they betrayed him (after they were at PEACE) was there ever expressed any kind of "hate" towards the Jews.

Second of all, you are either a liar or a poor unaware man. Why? Because you claim that it is "sunnah" to kill Jews, while it is NOT. And the Quran does NOT order to kill Jews whom are innocent (and did not take away our homes (;).
Any verse you doubt might have ANY kind of unjustifiable negativity towards the Jews can be explained and will make sense in 2 minutes. Just ask ;).

And by the way, this "moon god deity" you speak of is such a hoax... nice try Islam-haters. God is the Almighty and He is one. He created the entire universe, INCLUDING the moon.

Third, how dare you provide false information; "Suddenly, in 1948, these Jewish people were forced to leave their homes."? Or are you not talking about 1948 Palestine? Are you talking about them being "forced" out of Europe? I thought the Jews were waiting their lives out for "getting back the promised land". Not clear.

And when in the world did this happen: "14 combined Islamic nations declared war on the Jews and Jewish sovereignty within their own natural ancestral homeland"? I never knew anyone had the right to simply STEAL a land and call it their own because they claim it is their ancestral homeland. Look look look. As a Muslim, I must respect that you have your own religion, okay? So let's say that this land truly is your ancestral homeland... Notice the word "ancestral". When time passes and different nations live on a land, this land is not YOURS any more. Do you not understand that?

Picture this: I had a piece of land 2000 years ago and I decide to leave it/was forced to leave it (by the way, I am not very sure how the Jews left Jerusalem a couple thousand years ago, can you please send me a link of such history?). During those later 2000 years, many different people inhabited the land and built new homes on it. After this little 2000 year period, my descendants come over to whomever is currently living in this land and TAKE AWAY that land and claim it theirs.

Logically and honestly, does that make sense? Did my (supposed) descendants have a right to do that?

Yup, it's as simple as a little virtual role play.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous "Muslim Palestinian"

I come from an Iranian Muslim family, and my brother was attacked by one of you animals in Jerusalem because he looked Jewish.

Even if he were to find out that he was not Jewish, and Iranian, he would gloat over having hit a "Shia heretic".

Palestinian Muslims are the SCUM of the earth, and I cannot wait to see Israel wipe out some more of you cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

My brother looks Jewish and so do I, and we are often harrassed, of all the places, the Muslim Quarter, when we are in Jerusalem, and we come from an Iranian Muslim family.

My brother survived a brutal attack by a Muslim Arab animal.

Joe Whitehead said...

To anonymous who posted on February 14, and March 12, 2012 I missed your recent post but here is my response back at you (part 1 of 2)

First of all (as you put it) any murderer of Jews throughout history is a "hater' of Jews including Muhammed, plain and simple. According to Hitler's Mein Kamph, he "was not a hater of Jews initially" just like Muhammed.
Also make note, I will violate your damn sharia law by calling your false prophet the Jew-murderer / kafir-murderer that he is anything I get good and ready, understand? Or do I need to make this more clear to you?

Second of all, you're a liar as well as a willful unaware Jew-hater in following your Jew-hating false prophet. Why? Because everything Muhammed did including the method of how he pissed and crapped became the Islamic way "Sunna". And since Muhammed murdered, enslaved, and stole land and property from them (just like the Nazi did) Muslims are to emulate Muhammed in these Jew-murdering sunna as does Hamas and other Islamic jihadist groups spell out in their official covenants, not to mention the authoritative hadith I posted in my February 18th. post.

I'm thinking it would take a Neo-Nazi "less" than your "two minutes" to complete a full attempt to justify what they would claim (like you) as an "unjustifiable negativity" towards Hitler's Nazism. For an example, I'll bet they'd say the Nazis were only "defending" themselves against the International Jewish Conspiracy in murdering, enslaving, and theft of Jewish homes and property - and that didn't even take 2 minutes to type!
As with the 9th. century caliph Al Mutawakkil institution of the Jew-identifying "yellow star" Hitler was simply coping sura 59 as he stole Jewish homes, not to mention the digging of trenches at Auchwitz for mass Jew-murder as Muhammed did at Yathrib / Mendina.
[end of part 1of 2]

Joe Whitehead said...

To anonymous who posted on February 14, and March 12, 2012 I missed your recent post but here is my response back at you (part 2 of 2).

Allah a moon deity hoax? So there was no moon dieties in per-Islam Arabia? LOL. Let"s try this:
"El" chief god of the Canaanites = "Allah" chief god of Muhammad's Quraysh Arabian tribe.
"Baal" offspring of El = "HuBal" offspring of Allah.
How much of a hoax is it for Islam's spiritual symbol to adopt a Byzantine pre-Chrsitian pagan symbol of the Crescent moon? Check out my blog: "The Star of David Verses the Crescant Moon" (November 2010).

Thirdly, I was comparing what one of your fellow Jew-haters wrote claiming the Arabs were "forced. To leave their homes when they were the very ones who started both wars of annihilation (or so they Allah thought)!
The Jews were "forced" to fight the "Arab League" in 48'. How many counties did that involve anonymous / Mohammad? How many Muslim Couties did Israel have to whip like a jack-ass in 67'' including the many counties that supported the war? How many Mohammad?
Why don't you check out Wikipedia's "Arab Liberation Army" and "Six Day War".
When these Islamic armies got their asses kicked after starting the wars, then it was, "Oh we are victims, they forced us out of our homes, oh poor us!" What a victim / villain role-switch laugh!

Let's just admit that Israel is the ancestrial homeland of the Jewish people. I mean you wouldn't want to deny Allah's revelation in Quran 5: 20-24 / Quran 17: 104 would you? Yes, let's acknowledge that Israel is the very birthplace of the Jewish people,before we go on.

When time passes and the ancestrial-inheritors take control of their ancestrial land, it's not your land to claim anymore because it went back to the people who were born as a nation there! Praise YHVH! Do you understand that?

Jewish have always lived in Israel. And now they have come back to rule the land (why, it'd be just antisemitic to suggest that the Jews can't rule the land like others have) only this time the ruling people has ancestrial ties to that very land! Praise YHVH!

And yes, through logic and honesty the very descendants of the land has more right to the land than does anyone else, hands down! Boy, isn't the Hebrew Bible neat for prophesying of the Jewish return to the land in such a logic and honest manner among men of the world?

Joe Whitehead said...

To anonymous who posted on July 13, 2012
Something tells me you very well may be from the Hebrew descent. A lot more was going on in the spiritual realm when your bother was attacked other than just physical features. Get your DNA checked because as you know a whole lot of Jews came out of Persia throughout the ages. And if not, who knows you may from the line of the Gentile messiah named Cyrus who played a big-time major role in the Hebrew Bible. Again, I think there"s more to you because of the way you feel than just physical appearence or the Shia / Sunna difference. Let me know if you find out something interesting.

Anonymous said...

God doesnt hate palestinians, no matter their religions god love all of us. no skin color, we are all the same to him.

Joe Whitehead said...

To Anonymous' posting on November 18, 2012 9:06 PM,

The god that you refer to is evidently not the God of the Bible, for the God of the Bible is a "separatist".
Perhaps if you would actually read the blog and not just the title of the blog, you'd hopefully learn something about the nature of God as revealed within the Hebrew Bible concerning God's divine hatred and divine judgement upon the worship of other gods and their murderous customs of false-god worship, most especially against His chosen.

And btw, Arab Palestinian Walid Shoebat is my spiritual brother in seeking the God of Israel. I encourage you to look him up and give a listen.

Anonymous said...

My name is Charlie,
Let me say this, As a Christian,who supports Israel, even I know, the "Palestinians" are a FAKE, Invented People, In the
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,
The Evidence will show, it is
The "Palestinians" who Oppress and Persecute Israel, Palestinians Oppress Israelis, they are the Agressors
The "Palestinians" and other Arabs are the REAL CRIMINALS and
Human Rights Violators in the Conflict, Israel just legally Protects and Defends itself like America and other nations would, Arabs and Palestinians illegally Target Innocent Jewish Civilians, Israel doesn't Target Arab
"Civilians" who will just become Terrorists later

Anonymous said...

The Problem is THIS:
The Terror-estinians aka
Palestinians, are the New Nazis
Palestinians CAN NEVER Change and they NEVER WILL, if a Million Years go by, they will NEVER give up their Goal of Destroying Israel and Killing every single Jew in Israel, the Israeli People need to Understand Palestinians can NEVER be Trusted, they ALWAYS Violate EVERY TRUCE, Palestinians Violate EVERY "Peace" Agreement, Every Single One, They are Stubborn to the Core, They are Brainwashed by Islam- Could it be that Worldwide
Islamophobia- is totally Justified, The Fear of Islam and Muslims is Totally Understandable and Justified..
The Truth IS, Islam is the Religion of Intolerance,Violence,Terrorism,Violent Jihad and Hate, there is NO "Moderate" Islam, Islam is the Terrorist Religion, The Palestinian Christians -Don't be Fooled, they are Rotten to the Core Also, the Palestinian Christians also want Israel destroyed and all the Jews killed, Also the Minority of Palestinians who do NOT support killings of Innocent Jewish Civilians, it's only because they Realize it doesn't help them, and NOT BECAUSE Israeli Civilians are Human Beings also that don't deserve to be Killed in Cold Blood, thus Showing there is NO HUMANITY , Not a Shred of Humanity within Palestinians and Arabs in General, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were allied with the Arabs during World War II, but when the Nazis took One Look at the Arab Race, how Ugly and Dirty the Arabs were, the Nazis Realized the
Arabs were Subhuman and Inferior, and in Nazi Literature, Hitler and the Nazis viewed Arabs as Inferior

Anonymous said...

The "Peace Activist" and Pro-Terrorist
Rachel Corrie, the stupid witch, who stood in front of an Oncoming Israeli Bulldozer, Her Death was an Accident, the Driver of the Bulldozer didn't see her,
But Rachel Corrie got what she
Deserved, I'm glad she died, She is in Hell, enjoying Sex with
Her Idol- Adolf Hitler,
The Ugly Truth about Rachel Corrie is that,, She supported Terrorism against Jews and Israel, she was a vile Anti-Semite, and there are Pictures of her on the Internet
Burning the American and Israeli Flags, her parents are Probably Vile Anti-Semites Also..
Trust Me, Many Jewish Israelis are Glad Rachel Corrie was Killed, they don't say it, but they are.
And the POOR POOR Palestinians,
The United Nations- United Nazis, Never, NEVER Condemns Arab Terrorism but always cries about Poor Poor Palestinians, so what if little Palestinian Children are ACCIDENTALLY killed in Israeli Self-Defense, Those Palestinian and other Arab Children were NOT killed on Purpose, and WHO CARES, the little Arab Children killed don't matter anyway, they will just grow up to become Terrorists, one less Terrorist the Next
Osama Bin Laden, Arab lives don't matter at all, because in the Conflict, Arabs don't value human life, they want to die in their Beloved "Jihad" and become
"Martyrs" so Arab lives don't matter, it's only Sad and Tragic when Jewish Israeli lives are Lost, Notice how on 9/11
Sept 11,2001, when the Twin Towers fell, the Palestinians and Other Arabs and Muslims Worldwide Celebrated and Literally Jumped with sadistic Joy at the killings of over 3,000 American Civilians,
While Jewish Israelis deeply Mourned the loss of American Civilians,,, and lit Candles for Americans killed
Every Single Day in Israel .. is a Possible 9/11..
Muslims ARE Terrorists, it's Not just the Arab Muslims that are Terrorists, but Worldwide, the
Pakistani Muslims and Other Muslims who are Terrorists.
Matter of Fact, I have heard Rumors that the Palestinians have sunk to a NEW LOW- even for them, they have Celebrated the Killings of 20 innocent Children in
Newtown,Connecticut by Adam Lanza in late December of 2012

Anonymous said...

To this Zionism NOW:
Also some Arab "American" Groups
complained about "Sterotyping" of Arabs in Hollywood Movies
For Example
The Documentary:
Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Villifies a People by Jack Shaheen-
This Documentary details
"Sterotypes" of Arabs
First, I viewed it,
And TRUST me, in these Movies
These "Sterotypes" of Arabs are
100 Percent Truthful and Accurate, Arabs ARE being Accurately Portrayed as Heartless Criminal Terrorists.. Arabs are NOT being Unfairly "Demonized" or "Villified"
How in all-Every Single
Arab and Islamic Nations Worldwide
All Jews are being Demonized by
Arabs and Muslims,
In Arab and Islamic Lands, Jews are called "Apes" and "Pigs" and that they allegedly "Drink the blood of Non-Jews" and "Plot to take over the World" and how Jews allegedly are "Satanic"
So in Reality, As Usual it is the Arabs and Muslims who are
Unjustly Demonizing and Villifying Jews, Arabs are being Accurately Portrayed in Hollywood, Just to set things Straight

Anonymous said...

Difference between Israelis and "Palestinians" and all Arabs and Muslims Worldwide, the Entire Islamic World, Jews and Israelis Produce countless Nobel Prizes and Technology, Arabs and Muslims produce nothing but Misery and blooshed, The Roots of Arab Terrorism against Mankind are in the Bible Verse Genesis 16:12- look it up, in the Old Testament
Israeli Jews are NEVER taught to hate,murder, or Kill others, except in Legal Self-Defense,Israel gives MUCH Humanitarian Aid to "Palestinians" and the the Palestinians only Reward the Kindess of Israeli Jews with Terrorism and bloodshed, Palestinians deserve Nothing and Nothing is what they will Get, Israel does NOT have to "Compensate" the Arab Refugees from 1948, Why don't the Arab Nations Compensate the 800,000 Jewish Refugees they Forced out of their Nations in 1948, Yemen and Iraq were so eager in 1948 to get rid of their Jews, they actually co-operated with the Zionists in moving the Jews out, the Arabs who left Israel in 1948, were actually told by Arab leaders to Leave and Return Later, NO ONE "Kicked out" the Arabs from Israel in 1948, Many Arabs left of their Own Free Will, in a State of Panic, because they were Afraid of being Caught in the Fighting, Life isn't Fair,
"Palestinians" and all other Arabs, and Muslims Worldwide since they are Born, are all Brainwashed to Murder and Exterminate all Jews, as well as America, and the Entire Western World,
Many have said, all this Global Islamopobia(Fear of Islam and Muslims) is Justified, Islam uses Freedom and Democracy to Ultimately Destroy Freedom and Democracy for Everyone
95 percent of the Violent Wars and Conflicts in the World are Muslims killing Peaceful Non-Muslims or Other Muslims, as stated on,
Islam is Nobody's Friend,
Muslims hate EVERYBODY, NOT just Jews and Israel, they hate Christians,Buddhists, Hindu's
America, the Entire Western World,
Look what Arab Muslim Terrorists did to Madrid,Spain and London,England and other Nations
Anti-Semites who support
the Palestinians in the
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,
In Reality, they do NOT give a
Crap about "Palestine" make believe Fantasy Land
or "Palestinians" they just use
"Palestinians" as Pawns to Destroy Jews and the Jewish State of Israel, those anti-semites couldn't care less about "Palestinians" they are using the "Palestinians" as Pawns to Create a Second Holocaust,
There is a Huge Difference
Between Israeli Civilians and
Palestinian and other
Arab "Civilians" Other Mideast Commentators wonder if there is really such a thing as
an Arab "Civilian" There is NO

Anonymous said...

The "Palestinians" Just want an Independent State as a
First Step to the Destruction of the Jewish State, they have a
"Phased Plan" for Israel's Destruction

Anonymous said...

In the Israel-Palestinian
Conflict, The Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Zionist, Anti-Semetic
media talks about
Israel "Human Rights Violations"
Against Arabs and "Palestinians"
What Bullsh-t, Such a LIE, If Palestinians are being Killed by Israeli Forces, it's because Israel has No Choice but to legally use Deadly Force against Arabs planning to Murder Innocent Jews and Damage Jewish Property, Notice the "Israel-Arabs" Arab Citizens of Israel also support
Palestinian and Arab Terrorism
First, Israel is Just legally
Defending itself against
Arab Terrorists, like any other nation would, any other Democracy would
The Arabs and Palestinians
are the REAL Human Rights Violators in the Conflict,
It is the Arabs who illegally Target Jewish Israeli Civilians and plan a Second Nazi-Holocaust against the Israeli Jews
Arabs Violate the Rights of
Innocent Jews, Arabs are the Agressors, the Lebanese, the Hamas and Hezbollah, and other
Arab Nazi Regimes,
Arabs only understand Force,
Thus Israel has to legally defend itself against Arab Terrorism, like any normal nation would,
You cannot Humanly or Inhumanly Reason with Arabs, because Arabs are NOT On the Plane of Reason, because it's like they are so
HATE-CRAZED by Islam, it's like the Arabs are Totally Brainwashed and under Mind Control,
The Situation in Israel is that,
Only when a Jewish Israeli is Seriously Injured or there is a Loss of Jewish life does Israel
legally Retalitate, and
Force compared to what
Islamic Terrorists, Israel is the ONLY NATION on Earth that Negotiates with Terrorists and Appeases them and Releases them, Instead of Legally putting them to Death, like what America did to Osama Bin Laden, Another Horrible Sin was Israel NOT Legally capturing Yasir Arafat and putting him to Death, his wife Suha Arafat, is a Stupid Bitch and an anti-semite, I call Suha a Stupid Bitch because she talks like one, after all she made anti-semetic remarks, with her Anti-Israel lies, Israel was also WRONG for NOT tracking down the Evil Mufti of Jerusalem,
Haj-Amin Al-Husseini who died in 1974, and helped plan Hitler's
"Final Solution" Israel tracked down Adolf Eichmann and put him to Death in 1961, Israel should have Legally done the Same thing
to the Mufti of Jerusalem
Haj-Amin al-Husseini who actually visited the Nazi Death Camps
OTHER NATIONS are Not expected to use "Restraint" against
Arab/Islamic Terrorists, Such a Bullsh-t Anti-Israel DOUBLE STANDARD,
When America, Invaded Iraq
in 2003, under George W. Bush America used
Hardcore FORCE against Iraq,
Everything Short of Nuclear Weapons,Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqi Arabs were Killed, Yet Israel is NOT allowed to use very weak Force against Arabs and Palestinians who ONLY Understand Hardcore Violence

Anonymous said...

It is 2013
For the past 2 years
Syria has been in a Civil War,
it started as an Uprising,
Syria can go to Hell,
The People of Syria deserve to SUFFER for the nation of Syria being the enemy of the Jewish people and Israel, and for Supporting Terrorism, Syria and the Other Arab and Islamic Nations can Rot in Hell, on Judgement Day, that's where the Arab Nations will be- In Hell, when they are Screaming in Pain on Judgement day, The Arab and Islamic nations will Repent, but it won't save them, they shall Receive NO MERCY or Forgiveness from God, they are Eternally Guilty of Crimes against the Jewish people and State of Israel, God hates them and will make them suffer forever in Hell, it will be their Own Fault
Unlike the Arab Race,
Jews are Civilized and Humanitarian and Morally Right, and Non-Violent, and Intelligent and caring, loving people,
Everything Arabs are NOT, and Never will be
Look at the English, or the Swedish and Compare them to the Arabs, Big Difference
When Egypt attacked Israel
in the 1973 War, I Truly do wish,
As Revenge for Egypt starting the war, Israel Demolished all of the Pyramids, Just in Revenge Knocked down all the Pyramids and the Sphinx as Ultimate Revenge, that would have been Poetic Justice, the Arab nations can Choke to Death on their Oil

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Palestinians
Since the year 2000
and the start of the Second
"Intifada" when Ehud Barak
made a VERY NICE offer to
Arafat and Palestinians, and Arafat rejected it and started
Terrorism again,
When in Reality in 2000, before the Second Intifada started, the Palestinians didn't deserve a single Penny, they still Deserve nothing,
At the same time Arafat and the Arabs started the second Intifada
in the year 2000,
Anti-Semitism and Jew-Hatred has been EXPLODING Worldwide, even in America, Who is to Blame,
Who is to Blame for the Rising Anti-Semitism,
You can Blame all this Rising Anti-Semitism and Jew-Hatred Worldwide on the Palestinians,
Because of them... Because of them.
If there are Massive Killings of Jews in America and Europe and Worldwide, it will be Because of the Palestinian People and the Second Intifada they started in 2000

Anonymous said...

Jewish Israelis need to ask themselves, if Hopefully all the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims Worldwide Vanished into thin air, all 3 Billion of them, and NEVER Returned,
To the Jewish Israelis I ask-
Would you miss them, and all the Bloodshed the bring, they only want to Murder Innocent Jews and all Non-Muslims, since Islam hates Everyone and Everything that is
I wish they would all Vanish to another planet NEVER to Return, all 3 Billion of them, Would anyone miss them ? Notice in
Various European Nations,
it is Always the Arabs and Muslims who Attack Peaceful Jews, Even in Europe Arabs and Muslims bring Disaster to everyone

Anonymous said...

Another Good Reason to Hate
Palestinians,and all Arabs in General,
When I was in High School, around 1987, I was friends with an Arab "Palestinian" I was Foolish and didn't realize what a hateful Scumbag he was like all Arab People, plus Arab People, the Arab Race, Hundreds of years Pre-Islam, before Islam was founded the Arab Race has been the most hateful and violent in the World, as Recorded in all of the Old Testament, the Arab wars against Ancient Israel
Anyway, one day he thought I was Jewish, and he said some VERY HATEFUL anti-Jewish Remarks to me, Numerous Times, when I and my Family did
NOTHING to his Special HOLY and SACRED(I'm being Sarcastic) the Mental Retards Known as the
"Palestinian People" I mean what is so Special about the
"Palestinian People" they give nothing of any Value to Humanity..
In the Mideast Conflict,
There is NO SUCH THING as an
Arab or Palestinian "Civilian" any one of the Arabs is a Potential Terrorist, they all have the Ability to Become Terrorists in the Future, alot of them Already ARE Terrorists,
Just like there is NO SUCH THING as an Arab or Muslim
"Intellectual" that's like saying there is a Special-Ed
Nobel Prize Winner

Anonymous said...

Let me say, I believe in
FREEDOM of Speech,
but what about the Rights of
Jews and Other Pro-Israel People
The Rights of Jews and Other
Pro-Israel people NOT to Be
Offended, The 1st Amendment needs to be Properly Balanced between the Rights of Jews and Other
Pro-Israel People NOT to be
Offended and Intimidated, if
Anti-Israel and Pro-Terrorist People want to Celebrate their Hate and Worship the Devil, they can do in in Remote Areas,- Private Areas where Jews and Other Pro-Israel people will NOT be Offended
A stupid, Terrorist Loving Bitch and Cunt Arab Muslim Woman on the Internet Holds up a Sign that says
"Get Ready for the Real Holocaust" I'm not sure what city that was in, that should NOT be Protected FREE SPEECH by the 1st Amendment in America, or any Country, the ugly Arab Muslim Woman too Cowardly to UnCover her ugly Face is clearly Looking for Trouble, While I don't advocate or suggest or want violence or anything illegal, if some Jews attacked the Arab Muslim woman with the Sign, it's her Fault and she Deserves it, She Reaps what she Sowes, And her Arab friends Guard her,You can only see her eyes, Jews and Other Civilized Pro-Israel people have a RIGHT to NOT be Offended and see such hateful things, What would a Ranting and Raving anti-semite like David Duke think about a Jewish Student in a Public High School being called a "Dirty Jew" and "Jew Pig" and going home crying, when the Jewish male Student did NOT choose to be Jewish, and if it was up to him the Jewish male student would Prefer to be something like Irish Catholic, would David Duke approve of the Innocent Jewish Male Student being Traumatized and having his Feelings Hurt, the Jewish Male student did NOT like being Jewish either, and was Non-Religious and Secular and tried to hide the fact he was Jewish, but his Jewish "Looks" make it Impossible, even with a last name like Smith..a Non-Jewish name Hateful Bigots like David Duke and Farrakkhan Who Relentlessly Abuse
Free Speech, why don't Jewish Groups sue them for "Defamation" of an Ethnic Group, Years ago when Farrakkhan had Cancer the Jewish Doctor's should have REFUSED to Treat Him, and let him die,, Free Speech is one thing, but what Duke and Farrakkhan do go Beyond acceptable Free Speech, I don't think the Founding Fathers who made up the
1st Amendment intended it to be used to Demonize an Entire Group of People like Duke and Farrakkhan demonize Jews, those two Bigots are Displaying their Emotional and Psychological Problems for the Entire World to see..

Anonymous said...

Yet Another Good Reason to hate
Palestinians, the "Palestinians" Already have the State/Nation
Jordan, it's called Jordan, The Greedy Rats/Roaches calling themselves "Palestinians" want all of the State of Israel, they don't want to share with anyone, they already have a State,-Jordan, the "Palestinians" could all Go Move to Mars . Countless people have said, Jordan is the Palestinian State
King Hussein who died in 1999, was a Real Scumbag, the Only reason he made Peace with Israel, was Because he knew he could Never defeat the Israeli Jewish Warriors and the State of Israel, there was NO Humanity or Decency within the late King Hussein of Jordan

Anonymous said...

More Reasons to Hate
The Palestinian Arabs in West Bank and Gaza Strip,
those Arab "Palestinians" Living there do NOT Know the DEADLY FEAR that Jewish Israelis LIVE WITH,
Every Single Day, 365 days a Year, 24/7
Year after Year, Decades after Decades, The Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza, Laugh at how many Innocent Jews they have killed in Cold Blood, those Arabs go about their Daily Routines planning the Murder of Innocent Jewish Israeli Civilians, they walk Freely in the Streets of West Bank and Gaza plotting the Murder of Innocent Jews, hoarding up Weapons and Ammo in their Mosques and Houses and Apartments, they enjoy their Activities and they Enjoy Life to the fullest, while Jewish Israelis live in DEADLY FEAR, Afraid to go out of their Homes,,
Palestinian Terrorism existed BEFORE the 1967- Six-Day War, and
BEFORE The So-called "Occupation"
BEFORE Israel was Founded in 1948, Arab Palestinians and other Arabs committed Horrific acts of Terrorism and Savagery even Hitler's Nazis didn't do, and the Israeli Jews were Happy to share the land, but the Israeli Jews were Forced to Defend themselves
Hitler's Nazis were Placed on Trial in Nuremberg, in the
"Nuremberg Trials" Why doesn't the Democratic State of Israel legally Arrest and Legally Put on Trial the leaders of Hamas and other
Palestinian and Arab Terrorist Organizations, Present the Evidence of Arab War Crimes, and legally Find the Arab Terrorists Guily and Legally Put them to Death by Hanging, Just like the Nazis at Nuremberg who were found Guilty were put to Death by Hanging, we need new "Nuremberg Trials" in 2013 for the Palestinian and Arab Terrorist Leaders, for their
Crimes Against Humanity, they committed against the State of Israel and the Jewish People.. and against Jews Worldwide, No Arab Terrorist should escape Justice, Young or Old, Male or Female...
"Palestine" does NOT Exist,

Anonymous said...

Another Point,
Why don't Jewish Organizations, Sue in Court, people like
David Duke or Louis Farrakkhan for
"Libel" and "Slander" and "Defamation" of the Jewish People, Me and others do Believe in Free Speech, but what Duke,Farrakkhan and other
Anti-Semites with Mental Problems do CROSSES The Line of
Free Speech and the 1st Amendment,
Seriously Jews shouldn't have to take that Abuse, they didn't choose to be Born Jewish,
For Example, Cardinal Glemp of Poland, Cardinal Josef Glemp who thankfully just died,
Alan Dershowitz the Famous Lawyer who is a Strong Supporter of Free Speech, Threatened to Sue
Cardinal Glemp -Leader of the Catholic Church in Poland, for Hateful Extremist Remarks Glemp made about Jews that went Beyond Acceptable Free Speech,
Dershowitz wanted to Sue Cardinal Glemp for "Libel" and "Slander" and "Defamation" of an Entire People, why doesn't anyone
take up a Lawsuit against
Duke or Farrakkhan for Unjustly Demonizing the Jewish People, what did the Jewish people ever do
to Duke or Farrakkhan, what is wrong with those two

Anonymous said...

A few years ago,
Arab "Palestinian" terrorists, killed two Innocent Jewish Israeli infants that were each only 2 weeks old, all in the name of
"Palestine" that Never existed and Never will, You would NEVER
see an Israeli Jew murder a two week old Arab Infant who will just grow up to be the Next Arab Terrorist like Yasser Arafat or Osama Bin Laden, the Jewish People are Superior and Are NOT Possessed by Satan the Devil like the Arabs and Muslims are, the Jewish People are NOT cold-blooded Baby Killers like the Arab Race, those
Arab Muslim Animals, murder and Innocent Jewish baby, the Israeli Police arrest the Arab Baby Killers, Arab Killers of Innocent Jewish Infants, and the
Arab Baby Killers, will probably only get 20 years, and then be Released to Appease and
"Negotiate" with other Arab Terrorist Organizations, Suha Arafat is a Pig, her face looks like the face of an Ugly Pig rolling around in the Mud, Suha Arafat was upset, because she being a Stupid Bitch, Suha wasn't getting any Sex from Yasser, because Yasser Arafat was a Homosexual who died of HIV/AIDS, but the Anti-Israel media tries to cover up the fact that Arafat when he died in 2004, that Arafat died of HIV/AIDS because of all the Homosexual Sex Arafat had with his Male Bodyguards

Anonymous said...

Some Basic Truths--
No Arabs = No Terrorism
Palestine= Pal Lie Stine
Israel= Is Real

The "Palestinians" and the other
Dirty Arabs, the Hezbollah and Hamas, Dirty Ugly Arabs, get the Support of the Entire World, the Race of Birth Defects known as Arabs get the Support of the Entire World, while Israel gets Nothing, "Palestinians" and other Arabs have a MUCH HIGHER Birth Rate, than Israeli Jews, A Growing Cancer, Plus the Arabs have 22 Nations, and 1,0000 times More Land, There is NO "Conspiracy" to destroy the State of Israel, because it is so Obvious and Everywhere on College and University Campuses in America and Worldwide, the World is in Love with Arab Terrorists, those who want Israel destroyed also want America destroyed also, and eventually all Western Democracies, it's Not Every Muslim True- I know a few Decent Muslims, who don't hate anyone, but Many Muslims are Already Terrorists or Sympathetic to Islamic Terrorism, and those who are not yet Radicalized could VERY SOON become Radicalized, the "Israeli-Arabs" which make up 23 percent of the Population of the State of Israel, when those "Israeli-Arabs" the Arab Citizens of the State of Israel- 23 percent, when they are Not trying to Murder Jewish Israelis or destroy Jewish Property, the Arab Citizens of Israel are actually voting for the Self-hating Jewish Left-Wing Israeli Political Parties that Support Israel's Destruction,
Peace is Impossible
Peace with the Devil(Palestinians) is Impossible

Anonymous said...

hPalestinian Arabs and Other Arabs Started all the Violence even before the 1929 Hebron Riots,
Palestinians even before the 1967 do Nothing, they just sit around and feel sorry for themselves and blame Jews and Israel for Everything, When All the Suffering of the "Palestinians" is the their Own Fault and the Fault of the Palestinian Leadership and Arafat's Corruption,
Israel must NEVER Reward the Palestinians for Terrorism,
Now if Israel and Ariel Sharon had Balls, they would have Captured Yasser Arafat alive after the Second Intifada started in 2000, and legally
Beat the Arab out of Arafat,
Arafat should have been Arrested and have the Arab beaten out of him, Arafat was actually Egyptian, and most Arabs calling themselves
"Palestinians" come from outside
The Arabs and "Palestinians" are
Liars and can NEVER be Trusted, they Twist and Distort Facts and Figures, and make up Horrible Lies to get World Support, they Deny the Nazi-Holocaust of 6 million Jews,
People say
Israel is "Racist" and "Apartheid"
Those are Lies,
Israel is the Only Democracy in the Mideast, God's Holy Nation,
Israel should have Killed
Arafat, Years before he was Sucked back into Hell in 2004,
NOT to make a "Martyr" out of Arafat , but an EXAMPLE out of the Dirty Arab and Master Terrorist, and show No Arab or Muslim Terrorist on the Planet is safe from Israel legally Fighting Back
Arafat was Worst than
Osama Bin Laden,
Arafat paved the Way to Osama Bin Laden and Sept 11,2001 attacks,
NEVER FORGET, in the Second Intifada started in the year
2000, the "Palestinians"
Attempted to Murder
every single Jew in Israel,
If all the Arab Terrorist
Attacks since 2000 had been Carried out Successfully,
Over 15,0000 Jewish Israelis would be Dead, as opposed to the 2,000 actually killed
Only the Quick Thinking, Israeli Police and Military Prevented Most of the Arab Terrorist Attacks

Anonymous said...

Being a Civilized Human Being,
Me and Other Civilized People
Support Israel, Not Arab Terrorists, I hate "Palestine"
I support Israel, I hate Palestine and Palestinans
I hate Lebanon,
I hate Egypt
I hate Syria
I hate Jordan
I hate Iraq
I hate Iran
I hate Saudi Arabia
I hate Qatar
I hate Yemen
I hate Dubai,
I hate Pakistan
I hate United Arab Emitrates, the list goes on , Arabs are truly a Disgusting People when compared to Normal People who are Non-Arab

Anonymous said...

Another VERY GOOD Reason to hate
the "Palestinians" and all other Arabs, is that they want to Murder all the Jews in the State of Israel, every single One, but the
Arab Vampires, the Arab Vampires
Thirsty for Jewish Blood, they will Attempt to Murder Every Jew on the Planet, in America and Worldwide, All Jews Worldwide are in Danger from the Arabs and Muslims.
Arab Lives don't matter In the Mideast Conflict,I mean it's Very Good, when Israel legally kills Arab Terrorists in Self-Defense, It is only sad when a Jewish Life is Lost,
Arabs enjoy being killed, they want to die, Arabs don't Value Human Life, that's how Sick and Evil the Arabs Are.. they have a MUCH HIGHER Birth rate than Israeli Jews, like 5,000 times Higher,
The Arabs have 100,000 times as Much Land as Israel,..

Anonymous said...

All the Neo-Nazis and Racists in America and Worldwide who
Support the Palestinian Terrorist
These Racists who hate Jews and support so-called
These Racists need to Realize,
Palestinians and Other Arabs
are Non-White, Non-Caucasian,
The Arab Race is NOT White, or Related to Any White Ethnic Group..
Arabs are Dark Skin- Non-White..
Arabs are NOT part of the
"White Race" they are Non-Aryan
Arabs are Semites

Anonymous said...

You see you have a typical
Arab Person like
Hassan Nasrallah - the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon,
Nasrallah is truly a disgusting Piece of shit, even for an Arab Person,(that says A-LOT) such a Cock-Sucker, hope he chokes to death with a Penis in his mouth
Years ago, around 1975
A Christian Baptist Minister who was
Pro-Israel said to me
"God has hated the Arab peoples and has always hated the Arabs and always will hate the Arabs for their crimes against the Jewish people and the state of Israel"
It is True, that all groups of people in the World have done evil things, but NONE of them are as Criminal as the Arab People, look at Normal White People, the Irish, the English, the Scottish, the Dutch,(Whites are Culturally Superior and More Civilized than Arabs) and compare them to the evil,hateful,Primitve,Barbaric Arab Terrorists(Including Arab Christians) From what I have read, Arab people and others said this to me "Arab people Worldwide never use Soap or Water or take baths or showers like other people do, even when Soap and Water are Available".. Not to Sound
"Racist" but there is a Big Difference, White People would never do the Satanic things Arabs do every day not only to Jews but to Other Arabs.. The Arab people in the World is Proof of the Existence of Satan the Devil, the
Arab people can Never Repent, they never will,even if they do Repent God and the Jewish people will NEVER Forgive the Arabs.. And in other Nations, all that Arabs can do when not engaging in Terrorist activities, they work in Crappy Grocery Stores

Anonymous said...

And Just to Clarify..
There is NO SUCH THING as a
"Palestinian" There is
No Such thing as a
"Palestinian" People
Those Arabs who call themselves
"Palestinians" are just Plain Arabs, Countless Arab Terrorists have admitted that
"The Palestinian people does NOT exist" It is an Invention, A Really BAD Invention.. A Horrible Invention created in one night after the 1967 War, that Arab Nazi's Started, that Arabs Started.. Before then the So-called Fake- Invented "Palestinians" called themselves "Arabs"
Even in 2013, there is Still
NO "Palestine" or a
"Palestinian" People, It's a MYTH
There was NEVER a Nation called
So-called "Palestine" Never Existed.. There was only Israel
The Nation of Jordan is Most of the Make-Believe "Palestine"
The "Palestinians" are as Real as Bugs Bunny, a Fictional Cartoon Character, the So-called
"Palestinians" are the same as Other Arabs, there is No
"Palestinian" Language or Culture..

Anonymous said...

Another thing about the so-called
"Palestinian" Arabs,
Really they are Fake-estinians
They always Cry and Complain and Bitch and Moan, about the Security Barrier Israel erected along the West Bank, that Reduced Terrorist Attacks against Israeli Civilians by 90 percent, and saved countless Jewish Lives.. God Bless that Security Wall... It should have been built LONG AGO, Immediately After Israel was Established in 1948.. but Definately.. Immediately after the 1967 War.. Started by Arabs.. Who start all the Wars..
Now the Poor Poor Suffering Palestinians, need to Realize the Security Barrier also Protects them as well, the Security Barrier is NOT in any way "Apartheid" or "Racist" or like a "Berlin Wall"
If Israel did NOT Erect that Life Saving Barrier, the Palestinian and other Arab Terrorists would as Usual Continue with their Suicide Bombings and attacks against Israeli Jewish Civilians and thus this would lead to Even MORE Israeli Military Deadly Responses and Israel defending itself(Like any other Nation would) to Palestinian Terrorist attacks, thus EVEN MORE Palestinians being Killed in Israeli Retaliation..and Chaos in the Region and Palestinians killing other Palestinians,
The Security Barrier Saves Palestinian Arab Lives as well, even if many Palestinians feel Inconvienced by the Security Barrier, but Israel would NEVER have erected it in the first place if the Palestinians and other Arabs Never committed their Horrible Terrorist Attacks and Attempted Terrorist Attacks against Israeli Civilians, there would be No Wall, So the Palestinians have no one to blame but themselves for the Security Barrier, it's their Fault,
The Palestinians should NOT have murdered in cold blood so many Innocent Israeli Civilians, then Israel would Never have Erected the Security Barrier,,if they don't like the Security Wall.. too Bad.. T.S. Now.. One last Point... Many Other Nations in the World.... Besides Israel, other Nations Worldwide, as pointed out on
Myths and Facts about the Arab-Israeli Conflict, by Mitchell G. Bard, Countless other Nations in the World in the 21st century which Face Security Threats LESS Severe than Israel's constant Security Threats, Many other Nations have Security Barriers to Save Lives, Yet as Usual Only Israel gets
Condemned for Erecting a Life Saving Barrier

Anonymous said...

Fuck Palestine,
Fuck the Palestinians,
Yaser Arafat's Ugly
Arab Ass is Burning in Hell,
Justice is being served as the other Demons take turns Tormenting the ugly Arab Arafat, Arafat will stay in Hell forever !!!

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the day of
Reckoning is Coming !!!!
No one should do anything violent or illegal,, but it will be God who ultimately punishes all the Jew-haters and Anti-Semites of the World, past,present and Future, every single anti-semite Pig.. I promise Ultimately all the Vile Anti-Israel people in the World and Jew-Haters, in Human History, they think they will get off Scot Free for their unjust Hatred of the Jewish people and of Israel, but when God makes them Scream in pain on Judgement day, they will Realize it is because of the Horrible Sin of Anti-Semitism,
Justice shall be Served, !!! This stupid Mexican Son of a Bitch male student in my High School, a real dumbass, even looks like a Dumbass and sounds like one and is basically a Creep, he said he hates Jews a few times in High School, little does he know when he ultimately passes away(soon I hope !!) Since the Jews today in the 21st Century are still God's People, when the Mexican student, now and adult pases away, how will he explain to God that he hates God's People- The Jews, when his
Anti-Semite Ass is Roasting in Flames as literal fire roasts his behind, he will Truly wish he never said those hateful things about The Jews -God's People, And I will personally be Laughing and Rejoicing at his Suffering and Agony, The Teacher of that Class in the School was Jewish, the Jewish Teacher should have Failed his Anti-Semite Ass for the Entire Term, and gotten the Mexican Student Expelled from the School for saying those hateful things about Jews,
Jews have Feelings too,
Forget about "FREE SPEECH"
Free Speech, Yes, but to an Limited Extent... After all, you don't call a black person the N-Word.. The Black person would beat the crap out of the person who calls him that, even if it is technically "Free Speech"
Jewish Students in Public Schools in America have a RIGHT Not to be Offended by hearing other students say hateful Anti-Jewish Remarks
And NO, I do NOT hate Mexicans or other Hispanic Groups,
I'm just saying that stupid Anti-Semite prick from my High School,
I'll call him "Pablo" he was Mexican.. The Horrible Sin of Anti-Semitism will NOT go
Unpunished Forever..

Anonymous said...

Arab Muslim Terrorist Websites like
"Radio Islam" complain about
"Zionist Racists"
When in Reality, Everyone knows the
Arabs are the REAL Racists.. The Arab Racists Demonizes all Jews, not just Israel, the Arab Racists NEVER use Soap and Water like Normal people, or take Baths or Showers like Normal people, ever, even when Soap and Water are Available,
Anti-Zionism is the SAME THING
As Anti-Semitism, Exactly the Same Thing..
Plus the Piece of Shit, Pro-Palestinian Terrorist
Group called
Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions..
an Anti-Israel Hate Group,
they claim to use
"Non Violent Resistance"
But Watch, many have pointed out, when BDS and other Arabs and Palestinians don't get what they want by "Non-Violent Resistance" the Arabs and Palestinians and other Muslims will as Usual go Back to doing watch comes
Naturally for them, what is Natural for them to do-- Violent Terrorism and Murder of Innocent Jews and Israelis, that is what is in their Genes, their DNA and Chromosones,
And when Israel defends Itself, like any Nation would
and little Arab and Palestinian childen are ACCIDENTALLY Killed in Israeli Self-Defense, WHO CARES,
those little Arab Infants and Palestinian Children will just grow up to Become Terrorists, One less Arab Muslim Terrorist in the World, and Who Cares, the Arab Birthrate is Much Higher, like 1,000 Times Higher than the Israeli Jewish Birthrate
Plus since the 1967 War, which Arabs Started,
The so-called "Occupation" the
Poor Persecuted Palestinians, make it seem as thought the Israel
"Occupation" is the worst thing in the World, when in Reality the So-called "Palestinians" were TREATED VERY Humanely by Israel during the "Occupation" which started in 1967, Life Actually Improved, Quality of Life Improved for the so-called "Palestinians" aka Fake-estinians during Israeli Rule, what are they complaining about..
When "Palestinians" and other Arabs don't kill Israelis and Jews, Israel doesn't kill them, If Palestinians leave Israel Alone, Israel will leave them alone
Jordan is "Palestine"
The "Palestinians" already have a State, it's called Jordan,
80 percent of the people in Jordan are so-called
Why do the "Palestinians" Need Another State,
And in Syria , about
90,000 people have died in the
Syrian Civil War, which started in 2011- Two Years Ago,
Arabs killing Arabs by the Thousands,,
see Jews killing other Jews,
In the same manner as you see Arabs killing fellow Arabs on Such a Large Scale, Not just in this current Syrian Civil War, but throughtout the history of the Arab world and Arab History, you see Arabs killing other Arabs
Jews are Better than that.. and the Jews are Infinately more Humane and Civilized
Jews and Israeli Jews would NEVER kill anyone, except in
Legal Self-Defense..
How often do you see Jews in Israel killing other Jews in Israel.. NEVER...
Only Once, I can think of
The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 by a Jewish Extremist, that was it...

Anonymous said...

Israel is a cool nation,
while Palestine Sucks Dick,
Palestine is a Piece of shit

Anonymous said...

P.S. On the Internet
There are Many groups called
"Muslims are NOT Terrorists"
and "Arabs are Not Terorists"
and "Not all Arabs are Terrorists"
This Very Fact that these groups exits PROOVES the Fact,
that Many Arabs and Muslims ARE Terrorists, otherwise these Groups would NOT exist on the Internet

Anonymous said...

Let's see,
Israel Supporters have reason to Celebrate, the ugly old
Arab Bitch, Pro-Terrorist Helen Thomas who worked for the White House has died at age 92, her Tribe came from the Terrorist Shithole
Lebanon.. Holy Shit was she ugly, even for an old Arab Woman,

Anonymous said...

Just to Clarify, when little Arab or "Palestinian" Arab Infants are Accidentally killed in Israeli Legal Self-Defense, even though the ugly little Arab infants are killed by accident by Israel, it is still a VERY GOOD thing that the Arab infants are Killed, one less Arab Muslim Terrorist in the World, the Arab Infant killed will just grow up to be yet another Arab Terrorist, so who gives a shit, who cares if an Arab infant is killed by Accident, still it is a Blessing that the Arab infant is killed, unlike the Arab Tribe, the Arab Primitive Tribes, the Arab people who ON Purpose murder innocent Jewish infants,
An Example of how the
"Palestinian People" is the Devil Incarnate and Without a Shred of Decency or Morality or Humanity within them, and have no respect for life. The Ugliness of the Arabs in the World is both on the Outside as much as the Inside.
Several years ago, a Horribly Repulsive Ugly "Palestinian" Arab Woman named Wafa al Bass
(Wafa al Biss) tried to murder innocent Jewish Infants in an Israeli Hospital, she Failed and she was Arrested and given a slap on the wrist, she was later Released from Prison a few years later for the Gilad Shalit Deal, Guess what the stupid Arab Bitch Wafa al Biss continues to Incite Terrorism(like all Arabs do) Including Arab Christians who are Also Terrorists and have and Endless Lust for Jewish Blood..
Now many sane Israel supporters with common sense have said, If the Israeli Leaders had Balls, that Arab Muslim Bitch Wafa al Biss, the Israeli Military should have taken all her clothes off and stripped her fully naked, and Legally knocked all her teeth out and beat her to Death, and dumped her Dead Nude Body in a Ditch for the other "Palestinians" to see what would happen to them if they even attempt to murder innocent Israeli Civilians.. But there is NO SUCH THING as a "Civilian" Arab, or a "Civilian" Palestinian..
Question: How long does it take an Palestinian Arab Woman to Take a Dump
Answer: 9 Months
When Helen Thomas died at age 92 recently , after Helen Thomas stopped working for the White House, and since Helen Thomas died, the old Arab Hag Anti-Semetic Witch, what did her Relatives do with the Broomstick that Helen Rode on like the Witch she was, but then Helen loved to shove the Broomstick up her ass,
Also, the 1948 "Deir Yassin"
Massacre, when Jews allegedly
"Massacred" Arabs,
It was a Battle, NOT a "Massacre" Arabs started it, there were losses on both Sides, the Arabs in "Deir Yassin" were all Terrorists, the Arabs lied and said the Jews "Raped" Arab Women, Bullshit, first the Arab Women then were so Ugly no one would want to Rape them, secondly no one "Raped" Arab Women at "Deir Yassin" in 1948 or Ever..
It is Predicted in the Bible, how the Arab People would start all the Wars in the World,
see for yourself
In the Old Testament
Genesis 16:12, It predicts the Pure evil Satanic nature of the Arabs, and we see this Bible verse was 100 percent Accurate in Predicting the Arab Agression against all other Peoples in the World.
Genesis 16:12 says
"He will be wild donkey of a man, his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers"
The Bible Predicted and Prophesized that Arabs would all be Troublemakers and Terrorists.

Anonymous said...

An Example of how
Arab Christians and "Palestinian" Christians are also Terrorists is the late
George Habash 1926-2008 the Palestinian Christian founder of the group called Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, it's NOT just Arab Muslims that are Terrorists, but Arab Christians, also shows there are NO Arab "Civilians" in the Conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and other Arabs..Israel is always Morally and Legally Right, and it's always the Arabs and so-called
"Palestinians" that are Wrong, always the Arabs who start trouble in the Mideast and Worldwide. it's always the Arabs Fault, 100 percent of the time
the so-called "Palestinians" are just regular Arabs, no different from other Arabs who are Terrorists,
"Palestinians" A Fictional People, created after the 1967 War that Arabs started, I wish they didn't exist..
The only time Israel is Wrong is when it shows "Restraint" towards the Arabs, and gives a slap on the wrist to Arab Terrorists and Releases them, Other Nations would NOT tolerate the Crap that Israel always tolerates from Arab Terrorists.. Other Sane Normal Nations would legally put to Death all of the Arab Terrorists on the Spot..
There is NO "Palestine" as many said, there was and only is the
Land of Israel...

Anonymous said...

Arab Citizens of the State of Israel are the cause of Virtually all of the Problems in the State of Israel, reports have said that more Jewish Israelis are killed in Car Accidents every year than in Terrorist Attacks, but the fact is, I have read that Arab Citizens of Israel are Involved in most of these Traffic and Automobile "Accidents" and that these "Accidents" were deliberately caused by Arabs to Murder Innocent Jews and Destroy the Jewish State, Arabs Killing Innocent Jews as Usual, making it look like "Accidents" using Automobiles
Let's see the Tibetan people have things much Worst, MUCH WORST than the
Poor Suffering Palestinians,
Poor Persecuted Palestinians,
Poor Oppressed Palestinians,
Yet the Tibetan People under Brutal Occupation by China, the Tibetan people never in Cold Blood murder Innocent People like Palestinians do , Why are Tibetans Decent Human Beings, while Palestinians and other Arabs are Agents of the Devil,
Everyone who supports the Palestinians and Other Arabs over Israel is of the Devil, they are Serving Satan,
We hear all the time about How
Islam is a "Religion of Peace"
Islam does NOT mean Peace but rather "Submission" is a good Internet Resource, And we hear in the Media how Islam does NOT Support Terrorism, while in Reality Islam does Support Terrorism and Violence against Non-Muslims, and there are countless verses in the Koran and other Islamic writings preaching Violence.. and Jihad against Non-Muslims
Neo-Nazis and Groups like the KKK and all others who Support Palestinians and other Ugly Arab Apes over Israel, in Reality they do NOT CARE about Palestinians or other Arabs, those Neo-Nazis and Hate Groups and others who support Palestinians over Israel, they just use the Palestinians as Pawns to Destroy the Jewish State, those Palestinian Supporters couldn't care less about the Palestinian People.. They just hate Jews..
Another Good Reason to hate the Palestinians and All Arab People,
Is during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Saddam Hussein unleashed Scud Missiles Against Israel, and the Arab Neanderthals and Palestinian People Celebrate, Israel did Nothing in 1991 when Scud Missiles hit Israeli Cities, If the Israeli Military and Leaders had any Common Sense, they would have Legally Fought Back against Iraq, that Iraq and Everyone in Iraq would cease to Exist !!!
Palestinians have NO Valid Claim to the West Bank or Gaza Strip...
Arab Citizens of Israel, when not supporting Terrorism, they cry and complain about how they don't have things as good as Jewish Israelis, they cry about being
"Second Class Citizen" when in Reality, Arab Citizens of Israel have More Money and Freedoms than they would in other Loser Arab Nations..... The Truth is, Justice shall Ultimately Be Served, All Anti-Semites (and Anti-Zionists) same thing..
All the Jew-haters shall BURN IN HELL on Judgement Day,, all the Jew-haters will Burn in Hell, none of them will Escape Justice and the Punishment of God, they will all pay, every single Anti-Semite Hateful Bastard in World History, Past, Present and Future... and the Jews and Righteous Gentiles who are Left in the World will Rejoice over the Sufferings of the Jew-hating Anti-Semites in the Flames of Hell.. seeing that what goes around comes around, that the Anti-Semites and Jew-Haters have Sent themselves to Hell with their Hatred of the Jewish People... The Anti-Semites Falsely believe they are Going to Heaven, but Hell Awaits them... God hates Anti-Semitism and Anti-Semites... Also Remember how in 1975
the U.N. United Nations aka United Nazis said
"Zionism is Racism" What Bullshit, the Evidence will show that in 1975 it was the Arab Nations, the Arab People who were the REAL RACISTS !!!
Zionism is NOT Racism, the Arabs were the REAL RACISTS against all Jews and Non-Muslims.. The same is True Today, Israel's Enemies are the REAL RACISTS, and the Sick thing is, that the Arabs are Proud of it...

Adam said...

Im a palestinian but I have nothing against Jews at all. I dont hate Jews what so ever but why cant we resolve our problems in a peaceful way? Not all Palestinians are bad and neither are all the Jews but we all have made our mistakes. As a Palestinian I really was offended that a religion wants us dead and hates us as a whole. The hate for us isnt very reasonable. We have done nothing to Jews and I have done nothing to anyone, so why the hate on us? Why do you want all Palestinians dead? I know some Palestinians are a little crazy but some have good education. I personally dont think we should any fighting or war at all. Why must we kill eachother? Can't we all just make an agreement?
P.s. If i had offended you in anyway please let me know because it was not intneded what so ever.

Anonymous said...

I hate ISIS
I hate Tunisia
I hate Afghanistan
I hate Algeria
I hate Bahrain
I hate Kuwait
I hate Oman
I hate Indonesia
I hate Morocco
I hate Sudan
I hate Brunei
I hate Malaysia
I hate Myanmar
I hate Libya
I hate Somalia
I hate the Taliban

Anonymous said...

Truly Unbelievable,
Everything the Arab person or
"Palestinian" Person says is a Lie, they are Incapable of telling the Truth, and can Never be Trusted, the well known book
"The Case for Israel" is an excellent example of Documentation of the Criminal Childish Immature, 4 year old Mentality of the Arab Race ,
The Criminal Primitive Nature of the Arab Beast

Anonymous said...

I'm Saudi Arabian and I hate Palestinians so much! VERY ungrateful bunch of people and no matter what we do to them and to their cause, no matter how much we support their right to have their country and be independent, they don't seem to acknowledge any of that and they've always accused us of supporting Israel and Jews over them which is complete bullshit! I wish we did! we would have been like Turkey or any other Islamic country that doesn't give a F**** about them and always pretend to by repeating slogans and whatnot.

The mentality of Palestinians, when you treat them bad, they respect you. But if you treated them well and tried to befriend them, they will stab you in the back.
I remember a time when I was a kid in school, we were taught that it's our cause and duty and we should always remember and care about Palestine. I was used to donating my lunch money and was always supportive, always ready to be scapegoated and listening to their lies about how our late king was a traitor and how our government sold their country and stuff like that. But when I did my own research and noticed how much they stab each other and Israelis begin to buy the lands from them or other families from lavent and went on debating with them, they didn't like it at all and usually called me traitor for that. For being skeptical. Long story short, I realized it is not how I used to think and as much as they're right so are the Jews since they have bought the lands as well and whenever I told them, everyone should live in peace they would say 'of course you will say that, after all, you Saudis are the one who helped them to invade and steal Palestine' the funny thing is, when Muhammad Hadid says the same exact thing, both Palestine and Israelis should live in peace, they don't call him traitor for it. As if we have to be more Palestinians than them!

They are prone to hate other Arabs and self-entitled to think that it is our national cause even if they don't respect, love or support us politically as much as we do to them, actually Palestinians are the first to trash talk Saudi Arabia in any sites or in real life, they trash talk us much more than any other nationality and what is funny is, that they blame us for everything that have ever happened to them. They don't dare to say the same thing about UK or other western countries that was involved at that time, only Saudis are to blame, they don't have the guts to force non-Arab Muslims to support them as much as they want us to be devoted to their problem so much that Saudis don't need to live, or enjoy life they should go straight to Palestine and kill the JEWS! I remember hearing a Palestinian man on tv telling the interviewer that it wasn't fair that Saudis (normal folks) live a normal life; eat, sleep, work and have fun. The interviewer and the religious man both were astonished and asked him sarcastically "do you want them to stop functioning normally?" exactly. That's what Palis want us to do so they can feel happy.

We support them because we care not because we're forced to do it. Out of all Arabic and Islamic countries Saudi Arabia and Egypt are the two countries that works really hard for them and they don't seem to want to admit that nor feel grateful, not only that but they always tell me that they wish to see my country collapse and see us live in misery and suffer, this is wasn't said to me by one or two, the majority of commentators in the internet wish for it. In Jordan it is well known that Saudi and Gulf student get attacked by Jordanian of Palestinians decent! imagine innocent young student being attacked and robbed only for being from Gulf states!

I only wish now for Israelis to be able to live in peace although I know for certainty that Palestinians don't want it,they never did. The good thing, is I don't support them any more. It is not our conflict to begin with. Hopefully many Saudis in the future will not interfere.

Anonymous said...

From the Internet by a Christian who Supports Israel :
"God’s Country

However, there is one nation that is unlike all the rest. After the original “UN” movement was judged at Babel (Iraq!) in Genesis 11, God called a man named Abram out of that same region and made an unconditional covenant with him. Abram (later named Abraham) left Ur of the Chaldees for a better land that God would give him. The original promise, which is just as sound today as it was 4,000 years ago, is found in Genesis 12:1-3: “Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”
There are several things that we could mention about this covenant, but five items will suffice for this study:

(1) It’s an unconditional covenant after Abraham leaves

his father’s house. God doesn’t say He’ll bless

Abraham if Abraham does such and such. There’s no

if in the passage or anywhere in the chapter.

(2) Abraham is given some land.

(3) Abraham’s people will become a great nation

in the promised land.

(4) A divine blessing is given to Abraham, to those whom

he blesses, and to those who bless him.

(5) A curse is given to those who curse Abraham.

There is nothing anywhere in the Bible that disannuls the above covenant. One cannot relegate it to the “law of Moses” because it was given hundreds of years before Moses, and there is nothing in the New Testament that says this covenant was disannulled at Calvary. The law of Moses was fulfilled by Jesus at Calvary (Mat. 5:17, John 19:30, Col. 2:14), but God’s unconditional covenant with Abraham still stands, just as God’s unconditional covenant with Noah still stands (Gen. 9:11-17). When you see a rainbow, remember God’s covenant with Noah. When you see a Jew or a Jewish flag, remember Genesis 12:1-3 (unless, of course, you prefer a curse over a blessing).

Anonymous said...

The Christian supporter of Israel also typed
The Land Grant

Genesis 12 continues by pointing out which piece of land God had in mind for the Jews: “So Abram departed, as the LORD had spoken unto him; and Lot went with him: and Abram was seventy and five years old when he departed out of Haran. And Abram took Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother’s son, and all their substance that they had gathered, and the souls that they had gotten in Haran; and they went forth to go into the land of Canaan; and into the land of Canaan they came. And Abram passed through the land unto the place of Sichem, unto the plain of Moreh. And the Canaanite was then in the land. And the LORD appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto thy seed will I give this land: and there builded he an altar unto the LORD, who appeared unto him.” (Gen. 12:4-7)
The land of Canaan, according to God, was to become the land of the Jews, the land of Israel. This, of course, is the area that people call Palestine today. As the above text reveals, God promised this land unto Abraham and his seed. Genesis 17:7-8 emphasize that this is an everlasting covenant: “And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.”

Anonymous said...

And also states
"The Arabs lay claim to this land because they too are descendants of Abraham, through Ishmael, but God was careful to cover this issue as well. In Genesis 17:18-21, Isaac, not Ishmael, was chosen of God to receive the blessing: “And Abraham said unto God, O that Ishmael might live before thee! And God said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him. And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation. But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at this set time in the next year.” Abraham honors these words of God a few chapters later when he gives all his possessions to Isaac, not Ishmael: “And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. But unto the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac his son, while he yet lived, eastward, unto the east country.” (Gen. 25:5-6).
God wanted Abraham to exercise some faith by sojourning in the promised land, the land of Canaan, fully believing that God would make good on His promise and give him the land. Then Abraham sojourned too far southward, a famine came, and he traveled on down to Egypt. Immediately, he encountered problems (Gen. 12:6-20). That turns out to be the pattern throughout the Bible: when the Jew is in the land, he is in fellowship with God; when he’s out of the land, he is out of fellowship. This truth is echoed again with Isaac in Genesis 26:2-3: “And the LORD appeared unto him, and said, Go not down into Egypt; dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of: Sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee, and will bless thee; for unto thee, and unto thy seed, I will give all these countries, and I will perform the oath which I sware unto Abraham thy father.”
Two chapters later God brings Jacob’s name into the covenant: “And Isaac called Jacob, and blessed him, and charged him, and said unto him, Thou shalt not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan . . . And give thee the blessing of Abraham, to thee, and to thy seed with thee; that thou mayest inherit the land wherein thou art a stranger, which God gave unto Abraham . . . And, behold, the LORD stood above it, and said, I am the LORD God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed; And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed. And, behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land; for I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of.” (Gen. 28:1, 13-15) Jacob, of course, is the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. In fact, God changes Jacob’s name to Israel in Genesis 32:28. In Genesis 35:9-12, God reminds Israel of this, and He reminds him of the land grant for his people: “And God appeared unto Jacob again, when he came out of Padanaram, and blessed him. And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name: and he called his name Israel. And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins; And the land which I gave Abraham and Isaac, to thee I will give it, and to thy seed after thee will I give the land.”

Anonymous said...

And also says
"To the Bible-believer, one thing is very clear: God gave the land to the Jews, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If He had stopped with Abraham, the Arabs could claim the land through Ishmael. If He had stopped with Isaac, the A-millennial and Post-millennial “Christians” could claim the land as a spiritual blessing through Christ (Gal. 3-4). God knew this very well, so He out-smarted everyone by naming Jacob/Israel as the rightful heir to the land of promise. That one would upset the world for the next 3,800 years.
Of course, 3,800 years is less than four days in God’s sight (II Pet. 3:8), so the promise is still fresh on the mind of God. It never left His mind (Exo. 2:23-25; 3:8, 17; 15:14-18; 23:31-33; 32:13; Jer. 32:37-41; Joel 3:2; Amos 9:14-15, etc.), and it’s more on His mind today than ever. Hopefully, it’s also on your mind (Jer. 51:50; you’ll get a lot more out of this if you check the references and mark them!).
The land grant itself extends west to the “river of Egypt” and east to the Euphrates (Gen. 15:18-21). Hammath is the boundary in the north (Ezk. 48:1), while Kadesh serves as the southern boundary (Ezk. 48:28). So, while the UN, the news media, the “Palestinian Authority”, the Pope, and the U.S. President are losing sleep over Israel’s “occupied territories,” God is preparing to have the last laugh by letting Israel occupy the entire territory! In plainer words, the “Gaza strip” and the “West Bank” will seem like nothing when Israel finally possesses all of the occupied territories plus parts of Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia! The “wild” men from Ishmael (Gen. 16:12) have proven unworthy to inhabit this land, so God will “spue” them out (Lev. 18:28, Psa. 78:55) and give the land to its rightful heirs."

Anonymous said...

The Christian supporter of Israel also typed
One of Satan’s biggest deceptions of the last days is that “Palestine” is the homeland of the “Palestinian refugees.” The word “Israel” occurs 2,565 times in the Bible, and in 238 of those occurrences one can see the word “land” in the same verse. “Palestine,” on the other hand, occurs only once in the Bible, yet this has become a common name for the holy land given to the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. So, the first dose of deception came in the form of a smooth name change that semantically robbed the Jews of their God-given homeland.
The second dose came in the form of another smooth word, a word chosen to tug on one’s heart strings while historical facts would fall by the wayside: If only the poor and downtrodden “refugees” had a place to call home.
These “refugees” are supposedly Arabs who fled for safety during Israel’s war for independence in 1948. The word “refugee” itself indicates someone who is in danger and must flee for a place of safety. This was not the case with the Arabs living in the holy land in 1948. These people willingly left the land after being told to do so by their Arab military commanders. The Arab League misled them into believing that they would soon return to the land and claim their share of Jewish property after Israel suffered defeat. When Israel began winning the war, instead of losing, the Arabs panicked and fled in large numbers, even though the Jewish leaders encouraged them to remain in the land and carry on their normal lives.[16]
Estimates on how many Arabs fled the land in 1948-49 range from 50,000 to over 600,000. The trouble is that over 2,000,000 desire to “return” to the land today! Basically, any Arab who claims to have ancestors who once lived in Israel’s land is considered a “Palestinian refugee” and is “entitled” to live there himself.
For some reason the media can’t seem to get around to asking why the wealthy Arab nations won’t give up enough of their own land to accommodate their poor brethren. After all, the oil-rich Arabs possess over 600 acres of land to every 1 acre possessed by Israel! If anyone should be showing some compassion for the “Palestinian refugees,” it is their own people, not the Jews. "

Anonymous said...

And continues
"The sad truth of the matter is that the Arab nations do not want to solve the “Palestinian problem” near as much as they want to shove Israel into the sea. To the Jew-hating Arabs, the refugees are nothing more than political pawns that they can exploit to further their agenda against Israel. And this is nothing new. Nearly five decades ago the Arab leaders made this perfectly clear at their Conference of Arab Refugees at Homs in Syria. At this conference on July 11th and 12th, 1957, the Arab leaders reached the following resolution regarding the “Palestinian problem”:
Any discussion aimed at a solution of the Palestinian problem which will not be based on ensuring the refugees the right to annihilate Israel will be regarded as desecration of the Arab people and an act of treason.[17]
There goes the “peace” plan. The Arab position hasn’t changed a bit in the past fifty years, and it isn’t going to change. Sure, there have been “talks” and “treaties” and “agreements,” but there have also been non-stop Arab terrorist attacks against Israel. The Israelis continuously have to attack sites in the “refugee” camps in hopes of weeding out known terrorists, yet the press would have us believe that these camps shelter no one but innocent civilians. The Arabs have given Israel no reason to believe that they would become peaceful and behave themselves if they were granted statehood. More importantly, the record of history indicates that they will not behave themselves, and the Bible record agrees. A Palestinian state would be a terrorist state with the annihilation of Israel as its chief aim. To grant these “wild” men statehood next door to Israel would be on par with moving Charles Manson into your spare bedroom. “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” (Gen. 16:12)
To expect the tiny nation of Israel to give up land so that 2,000,000 of her enemies can live next door is insane to say the least, especially considering the fact that these enemies are set on Israel’s destruction! The “Palestinian problem” was created by the Arabs, not the Jews, so it is the Arabs who should bear the burden and solve the problem, and America will have to agree with that if she expects to receive the continued blessings of God. If she doesn’t, she’ll end up in history’s junkyard with all the other nations."

Anonymous said...

The Christian writer Continues
"The man who believes and reads the Bible has a wonderful advantage over the masses who believe and read the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time, Life, Newsweek, and all the rest. The press tells us what they think is happening in the world and what they want to happen in the world. The Bible tells us what is going to happen in the world.
After this present earthly scene has passed and eternity has begun, there is only one nation mentioned by name in the Scriptures: “And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal; And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.” (Rev. 21:10-12) Where are the Arab nations? They’re gone. Where is the “Palestinian state?” It’s gone. Where are Iraq, Russia, Great Britain, the United States of America, the UN and the Vatican? They’re all gone! We presently live in the “times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24), but these times will soon be over, and God’s “Jewish clock” will begin ticking once again. When it does, God will not be interested in anyone’s agenda other than His own, and He will certainly remember to punish those who ignored and opposed his word in this present world. Before you vote in the next election, you might want to inquire of the candidate’s policy on Israel. When you pray, you might want to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psa. 122:6). When you decide to support new missionaries, you might want to take on a missionary or two to the nation of Israel and to Jews elsewhere. When you send out cards and gifts to people, you might want to remember a Jewish friend or relative. The Jewish people, individually and nationally, are God’s covenant people, and it’s always wise to bless them. “It’s a good investment,” as they say out in the world, but more than that, it’s the right thing to do.
As a child of God, the Christian is to have the mind of God. He is to see as God sees and think as God thinks. As we’ve already studied from Scripture, God’s mind is on Israel. He is personally dedicated to watching over this tiny nation and preserving her. Regardless of how many people and nations oppose Israel, she remains the apple of God’s eye. He is passionately in love with her and He desires to be loved by her. Our duty as Christians is to feel God’s heartbeat for Israel and seek her reconciliation to Him. We should let our Jewish friends know how we feel about them. They should know that we love them as a people and we support and pray for Israel as a nation when so many others are against her. We should seek to win Jews to Christ while we can. The Jewish people have been through the iron furnace of this world, and it’s about to get seven times hotter (Dan. 3:19). May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob keep our hearts in tune with His heart that we might experience a deeper love and compassion for Israel.
So, in summary, Hitler’s “Final Solution” for the Jews wasn’t final, nor will the solutions of the UN, the USA, the Pope, or the “Palestinian Authority” be final. God has the Final Solution. As Bob Jones Sr. used to say, “Nothing is settled until it is settled right, and nothing is settled right until it is settled with God.” Until then, may we let Jerusalem come into our minds, and may we pray for her peace until that glorious day when “they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken it.” (Mic. 4:4)

Anonymous said...

From the website it says
"And Joseph Spoerl offers this assessment of Palestinian complicity in both the Nazi and Arab wars to exterminate the Jews:
[T]he claim that Palestinians and Arabs had nothing to do with the Holocaust is false. In fact, Arab and Palestinian leaders played a significant role in aiding and abetting the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews in Europe and they hoped to implement the genocide in the Middle East. A growing number of publications, including extensive original, high-quality archival scholarship, proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. . . . A careful examination of this history shows that it is neither fair nor accurate to portray the Arab-Israel War of 1947–9 as an unprovoked war of aggression by Zionists bent on the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs. In fact, it was a war of self-defense against a ruthless, pro-Nazi, and openly genocidal Palestinian leadership that enjoyed enormous popularity among the Arab and Palestinian masses.
The refusal of many Palestinians to face their moral and political failings honestly contrasts with their lip-service to achieving “peace with justice” in the Middle East. If they cared about justice, they would apportion a substantial share of the blame for the nakba or “catastrophe” of 1948 to themselves and would admit the existence of widespread Jew-hatred in the Arab and Islamic world and its role in undermining peace between Jews and Arabs from the 1920s to the present."

Anonymous said...

From the website it says about the absurd
"Khazar Theory" used against Israel that
Khazaria, c. 820 CE
The colorful pseudoscience

The Khazar hypothesis is an argument that Ashkenazi Jews (i.e., those descended from an Eastern European bloodline) are not ethnically Jews, but descended from the Turkic Khazar Empire. This myth is often harnessed in attempts to discredit Zionism and/or to explain why the British/Aryan/Black/Arabs/insert race here, and not the Jews, are the REAL chosen people of the Bible.

1 The Khazar state
2 The Thirteenth Tribe
3 Genetic studies
4 Why it wouldn't matter anyhow
5 Notes
6 References

The Khazar state, at various times referred to as the Khazar Khaganate or Khazaria, was a Central Asian polity in the medieval era. Many Jews sought refuge from turmoil in the Persian and Eastern Roman Empires by emigrating to the Khazar region, and by the 10th century CE, it is estimated that there were about thirty thousand Jews living in Khazaria.[1] Around the 8th century CE, the Khazars' ruling class converted to Judaism, and from then on they cultivated relations with diasporic Jewish communities across Europe and Asia until their fall in the 10th century.

Anonymous said...

The entry continues :

The Thirteenth Tribe is a book by Arthur Koestler, claiming that Ashkenazi Jews were descended from Khazar converts to Judaism.[2] The author apparently had the best of intentions, and thought that by establishing Khazar descendance rather than from the Jews of Jesus' time and area, the "Christ-Killer" accusations would end and Antisemitism would disappear.[3]
Genetic studies
Many argue that genetic studies on Jewish populations have refuted any claims of significant Khazar lineage, and have shown that most ethnic Jews draw their roots from the Middle East.[4] A genetic study led by Dr. Gil Atzmon found that European Jews were most closely related to Middle-Eastern Jews, Palestinians, Druze, and non-Jewish Southern Europeans — evidence inconsistent with Khazar/Slavic hypotheses.[5] Another genetic study led by Doron Behar found that, despite admixture from local populations, autosomal genetic samples from the Ashkenazi Jews, Caucasian Jews, Middle Eastern Jews, North African Jews, and Sephardi Jews form a relatively tight genetic cluster which overlaps with Samaritans and Israeli Druze which is strongly indicative of common Levantine ancestry.[6]
This argument has been challenged by one recent genetic study by Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik.[7][8] However, Elhaik's study does not fully address the findings of previous studies, particularly the overlap between Ashkenazi Jewish populations and native endogamous Levantine populations such as the Samaritans and Druze. Elhaik's use of Palestinian Arabs as representative of ancestral Israelite genetics is questionable in light of previous genetic studies which have uncovered evidence of significant African gene flow present in Arab, but not non-Arab Middle-Eastern populations.[9][10] Blogger Razib Khan argues that Elhaik's conclusions rely on poorly reasoned assumptions and that "the Caucasian component that is being detected in this paper may simply be a[n] indigenous Middle Eastern ancestral element which has now been somewhat displaced northward in its modal frequency due to the expansion of the Arabs."[11]
None of these studies of Ashkenazi Jews have detected evidence of a significant Central or East Asian genetic component which is present in other Turkic populations. The actual Khazars would likely have been assimilated by the Krymchaks (Crimean Jews) following the fall of Khazaria. Even so, the Krymchaks had a long history of assimilating other Jews who came to the Crimea, so their ancestry is still largely Levantine.[12]

Anonymous said...

The entry also states
"Why it wouldn't matter anyhow
Though Ashkenazi Jews are the largest ethnic group of Jews today, Sephardim (Jews of Spanish and North African descent) and Mizrahim (Jews of Middle Eastern descent) make up the majority of the Jewish population in Israel. Furthermore, Israel has become the home of many smaller Jewish ethnic groups, such as Ethiopian Jews, Yemenite Jews, and Kaifeng Jews. Since the Khazar myth doesn't address those Jews at all, any use of it to prove that "the Jews" aren't real Jews has significant holes.
Furthermore, Judaism has allowed for voluntary conversion through most of its history. Indeed, the great-grandmother of King David, Ruth, was a Moabite convert. Therefore, even if the Ashkenazi were descendants of Khazar converts, they would still be entirely, legitimately Jewish in the eyes of Jewish law.
Additionally there is the question of gene mixing which would inevitably occur when two populations lived close together. No matter how stringent social or religious constraints might be against either, mixed marriages and extramarital sex are still going to happen. An excellent example of this are African Americans that have a much lighter skin-tone than is common in the West-African home of their ancestors. This is of course due to widespread marital and extramarital mixture with non-black populations in the US, and slaves often didn't have a say in the matter. Thomas Jefferson and his children are just one well-known example of this[note 1] Obama's mother is another good example; it turns out that one of her ancestors happened to be among the first Africans in the colonies and arguably the first slave.[13] And this a result of — at best — four centuries of living side-by-side, not twelve centuries as would be the case with the Khazars." So Once again,
Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Khazars , the anti-semitic "Khazar Theory" is nonsense
The website has an article by Alexander Beider on September 25, 2017 titled
"Ashkenazi Jews are Not Khazars: Here's the Proof" Google it , Israel is also NOT an "Apartheid State"